Terms and conditions agreement


This agreement covers all subscribers Idea and website and owned the problem by dragging the business to provide information . If ... The use of service means the approval of the provisions of this convention in addition to any future amendments to this convention that will be published from time to time.

Please read this agreement carefully before you subscribe to the idea or any parts of them where to sign up means approval of the terms and conditions therein and in case you do not agree to all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement or any updated versions of them must not use the service or any part of the terms of this agreement between you and Fekra IT is confined to only the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement.



  1. A. "Fekra for information technology” Later referred to as (“Service provider. “) It is an established institution operating in accordance with the laws of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is based in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

  2. B. “Fekrait” Later referred to as (“Service“) IT service management software enterprise resource based on cloud model and listed its characteristics and its features in the official website of the service.

  3. C. “Shared” Is the individual or entity (whether commercial, government or non-profit) that it provides for. “Service“.

  4. D. “Fekrait Website” Later referred to as ... “Website” It's a web site with video and audio identifiers. ServiceAn explanation of their advantages, the methods of their use and the way in which they are shared, as well as the subscriber's Access page. .

  5. E. “Optional services ” It's any additional thought Service provided by me. web site Like a remote accounting service or installation and training. .

  6. F. “Remote accounting ” It's an optional part of an idea service that the subscriber can order, as it says in ... Web site.

  7. G. “The accountant. ” Is a person qualified to practice the profession of accounting provide accounting service remote subscriber if the wishes of the terms mentioned in Website.

  8. H. “Use” You mean access. Shared to Service For the purpose of use of the existing functionality, for example, but not limited to accounting, human resources management and procurement and included in the package chosen by Shared.



  1. Duration of the convention

    Start from recognition of the content of this convention and shall remain valid as long as the subscriber meets the payment of the subscription fees mentioned in the Web site. In the event of a breach of the provisions of this convention, it is entitled To the service provider. Cancel subscription and delete data Shared As stated in the article, ‏7 .

  2. Payment and renewal.

    Service أو Optional services Paid like a remote accountant or installation or training required by Shared Access to Web Site If he does so, Shared He agrees to pay. To the service provider. The fees listed for that service per annum, as indicated in the service description. Will be charged the service fee in advance on the day on which the subscription or soil to cover the use of the service for the period stipulated and are not compensation for the remaining term only if so stipulated in the service description.

  3. Automatic renewal

    Unless he does. Shared With notice. Service provider. By ... Web Site Before the end of the applicable contributory period, with the wish to cancel participation or promotion, the contribution will automatically be renewed in its current characteristics and authorized. Service providerCollection of subscription fees, whether annually as referred to in the service description, using credit cards or any payment method recorded by Shared I do. Service provider . Subscriber can modify subscription properties through the site .

  4. Security precautions.

    I have to. Shared Take security precautions to prevent access to Service By unauthorized persons. This includes non-participation of the Access Link and passwords was user with whatever terms does not guarantee Service provider. Any harm done by not taking Shared Precautions to protect his access information.

    I have to. Shared No attempt to enter illegally Web Site، Copy, modify, leak, change design, damage, modify, occupy or block access, scramble or disable the site.


  5. Technical support

    During the subscription period, he's gonna ... Service provider. Technical support Shared As explained in this section during the stated periods of work on the site and as he sees it, Service provider. Appropriate, support includes: (1) telephone or electronic means for assistance SharedTo understand and help solve the problem, 2 to make service updates, improvements or other changes without additional costs. Shared.

  6. Maintenance

    Agreed Shared He has to. Service provider. The work of maintenance necessary from one period to another in order to upgrade or add new features, backup, or plug the security holes, if found to have the attendant stop the service not to exceed one and a half year in the case of increasing the period of the mentioned cities back joint extension of his subscription, equivalent to twice the number of days the service stops .

  7. Save data

    Acknowledges. SharedThat if he stops using Service Whether it's because of his request or because he stopped paying his subscription fees, Service provider. He'll be given three days ' notice to pay with the availability of SharedAccess to all service possibilities and data. If the fee due is not paid after the expiry of the prior period, the provider is entitled to suspend the contribution, and seven (7) days after which the contribution is cancelled and the resulting erase of all data. Shared، Wooger. Shared If he resumes participation after the stated periods, there are no guarantees for the restoration of previous data. In case ... Subscription SharedThat if he stops using With the experimental data is erased immediately after the expiration of the trade.

  8. Violations of intellectual property laws

    Respect. Service provider. Property rights and requests Shared And the visitor. Respect for those rights. If it turns out Shared Or visitorThat there is a related content that is contrary to intellectual property laws, he may give notice. To the service provider. And he's gonna ... Service provider. By responding by removing the content or any link that leads to it inside web site.

    This deal doesn't move. Shared or The visitor. By a provider. Service Any related intellectual property rights. With a service provider. or ServiceOr any third party where he keeps Service provider. His rights. . If ... “Fekrair.Program” ، “fekrait.com” ، “Fekrait.com.sa” ، Including slogans, drawings and trademarks used in Service Hey! Registered to a service provider. Or other parties. The use ServiceBefore Shared or The visitor. Does not grant the right or license to reproduce or use any of the special trademarks With a service provider. .

  9. Disclaimer

    Service Introduction” as it is " and does not provide Service provider. Suppliers and any express or implied warranties of performance resulting from use of the service or the site and includes, without limitation, quality or fitness for any particular purpose or integration or non penetration or loss of data loss. Besides, Provider Not liable for any loss or damage. for client Or any third party you've caused. Service أو web site Under this agreement, or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages whether based on this agreement or on any other legal theory arising from the use of Service or web site Or act under this convention.

  10. Compensation

    The subscriber agrees to do no harm. With a service provider or ... His property, or contractors, or licensors, or its managers and staff and representatives of its employees, agents and all claims costs and expenses arising in the case to prove the damage came out of the convention, including attorneys ' fees.

  11. The convention is non-transferable.

    This agreement is exclusive. For the client. And you must not allocate or transfer any rights or obligations under this agreement to any third party.

  12. Amendment

    Entitled to the service provider as it sees fit, to modify or replace any part of this Agreement, and the responsibility is on the subscriber access to any updates to this Agreement periodically so that the provider will be for the announcement of the changes on the website and e-mail the registrar by the subscriber can be continued subscriber or visitor access to the site or use the service consent to the amendments. Service provider may in the future add some additional properties and features of the site or the service itself such as functions or tools, or content or new reports. All these characteristics and characteristics are subject to the conditions and provisions of this convention.

  13. Avoidance of the convention

    If he wants. Shared He can do it simply by not paying. Participation Or reporting. Service provider. Straight through. web site. In this case, the participant's data will be deleted as provided for in the article. (‏7). The provider is also entitled to inform the participant of the suspension and to give him one month's notice so that he or she can copy his or her statements without giving reasons. All nodes that use due to their nature remain in force after termination, for example but not limited to damages and warranties and disclaimers.

  14. Privacy.

    • Regarding ... Service If ... Service provider. He's careful to respect his privacy. The client. And all his data which he entered during the use of the service and not login on his account or view them or copy the data that he entered only on the basis of his request for the purpose of facilitating his work or his training or, as is mentioned in (material accountant remote) or (data retention).

    • Regarding ... web site The service provider collects data that you do not know the participant or visitor that you send to internet browsers normally such as the browser type, language preference, the type of operating system, time and date of the request for the purpose of knowing how the interaction of the participants or visitors with a site in addition to the publication of the general statistics summary of usage which are not related to one particular.

    • He ... Service provider. Record the internet addresses of visitors or subscribers which may know their identity but does not disclose it except as is mentioned in the rest of the article below .

    • Save Service provider. Data necessary for the service which says enter the subscriber during the registration process such as name of the participant, e-mail and contact information and or other data can be the service provider to inform the stakeholders of the service provider staff or contractors or affiliate products (1) who need those data for processing on behalf of the service provider or provide the requested service to the subscriber (2) has been recognized not to disclose such information to third parties. Some of the staff, contractors, or affiliate products may be outside the country of the subscriber or visitor use of the service means the acceptance of the transfer of such data outside. The service provider will not lease or sell any visitor or subscriber data to anyone other than the above or in compliance with a judicial order or official government order.

    • The service provider retains the right to send e-mail messages to the Subscriber from one period to another due to its characteristics of new or important information related to the service or Location, service provider, or request his or her views about the service. You need a service provider to publish some of his responses or inquiries received about the service or the site (such as requests for technical support) for the purpose of assisting the rest of the participants after removal of all information that may lead to the knowledge of the subscriber.

    • Cookies are text file that websites store in the user's PC, the Browser providing to the site each time you visit in order to identify the visitor and save his preferences. Uses service provider of cookies on the site for the purpose of learning about the pages most visited by the subscriber or visitor and save his preferences in the absence of the desire of the subscriber or visitor with cookies you can prevent this through your browser settings taking into consideration that some parts of the site or service may not function fully.

  15. Business transition

    • If the acquisition of the service provider or parts of his work by a third party (another company such as a) the information that subscribers or visitors think of the assets that passed to the second. The participant recognizes that this is possible and that the third party can use the information of the participant as stated in this convention.

    • In the event of the supplier's bankruptcy or exit from the market, the provider is obliged to give the participant access to his or her designated server to copy his or her data in addition to the system's source code for a full month from the date of bankruptcy or exit.

  16. Remote accounting and auditing

    • In the case of a request this optional service by the participant will be appointed an accountant specialist by the service provider to provide the services of accounting or audit the subscriber as mentioned in the description of the on-site service.

    • The subscriber agrees to provide the accountant about after all of the information necessary to do his job and edit the necessary reports such as trial balance and profit and loss accounts and in the case of the subscriber delayed in providing accountant on such information or any other financial information, the task does not move the service provider of any default arising from the delay as the exchange of the results from reality.

    • Live common that part of the work of the accountant is the entry for the server your subscriber to enter a value (in case of request of this option) and reporting financial and accounting subscriber, so the subscriber to create a special user name and give the necessary authority to the accountant remotely to carry out its work relating to optional.

    • Live common that the means of basic communication and for the accountant relies on email to send copies of receipts and invoices can also use the phone to the subscriber wishes to utilize or request some clarification about the accounting reports. But in case the client wishes to meet with the accountant or schedule periodic visits that can be supplied at extra charge depending on the vacuum available in the table of the accountant.

    • Can use registered mail or the company delivering the documents to the treaty to send photos of the documents while the service provider does not bear any loss of the documents and the responsibility of keeping the assets on the joint in addition to the cost of sending the documents returned.

    • The subscriber agrees that the contact dates with his accountant are from Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for holidays and official holidays.

    • Live common that financial reporting and accounting processed by this service are for the purpose of accounting and internal audit and the reports of a CPA and its accuracy, suitability depends on the accuracy and validity of the information provided by the subscriber for the appropriate service.

    • Meets the joint on the top of accounting as described in the service description in the case of access to the Supreme will of the accountant to inform the subscriber to request a subscription pack with additional and through the site so that the accountant cover entries-ins.

    • Entitled The service provider to appoint an accountant an alternative to the Joint because of circumstances seen by the service provider –due to vacation or illness of the accountant's current like-without this being considered a breach of this agreement.

    • The participant agrees that, in the case of simple errors in the entries the accountant for the post, this is contained in a narrow range, the service provider is committed to correcting it and without any compensation as to the responsibility of the service provider for damages if it was caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct by the accountant, the compensation does not exceed the total amount paid by the participant to obtain services described the service optional.

    • The participant agrees that the advice or recommendations provided by the accountant on the reports generated are of interest and advice the service provider or accountant, competent for any damages in the case of a joint application does not get the expected results as detailed in (9).

  17. Training
    • In the case of a request this optional service will schedule training sessions by four sessions duration of each session one and a half hours divided over several days by type of training as detailed in web site
    • The participant agrees that in the event of his inability to attend the training session at the agreed time, you must inform the service provider the request to change the date of training before the agreed twenty-four hours at least in the case of subscriber failure to comply with the time limit, the calculation of the materials within the training sessions that have been met.
    • Service may not be available “training at the headquarters of the customer” in all regions and the service provider refused to provide training in geographic locations that are outside its coverage .
  18. اRules of procedure.

    The resolution of disputes or claims of violation of this agreement according to applicable laws in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.