The best digital transformation services, solutions and applications

Get started with the leading digital transformation platform for businesses

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The best digital transformation services, solutions, and applications

Keep pace with technological development and transfer your business to the digital world and always be immune to the latest technological technologies and powerful digital software that facilitates you to perform all your work tasks with the highest efficiency and accuracy, enhance the relationship with your customers and improve service delivery, making you always ahead of your competitors by steps. A "software idea" that helps you transform your business digitally in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 to support digital transformation.


Digital transformation applications from a "software idea"

We support the digital transformation of all companies of all shapes and sizes by providing an innovative set of applications and software that are specifically designed to support the strong digital presence of the business and enhance the use of modern technological solutions in the management of companies and the conduct of their business more effectively with the least effort and the highest possible efficiency.

 نظام إدارة العهد والأصول

Covenant and Asset Management System

The program for recording the assets of companies and the custody of employees, and following up on their movements in detail.

الأرشفة الإلكترونية الصادر والوارد

Incoming and outgoing electronic archiving

Program for managing incoming and outgoing administrative communications and archiving files and documents electronically.

 برنامج المحاسبة والمبيعات POS

Accounting and Sales POS

Online cloud computing, sales, customer management, warehouse, and point of sale software.

برنامج ERP السحابي

Cloud ERP software

Cloud ERP for Small and Medium Enterprises.

برنامج المراكز الطبية والعيادات


Medical Centers and Clinics Program

A system for managing clinics, dispensaries and medical centers with full Arabic language support for all specialties.

ابرنامج إدارة المطاعم والكافيهات

Restaurant and café management software

An advanced system for managing restaurants, cafes, sales invoices, purchases, kitchens, and tablets for waiters.

 برنامج مكاتب المحاماة والقضايا

Law Firms and Cases Program

To manage and archive cases, sessions, client relations, access to judicial documents, and the judicial calendar.

إدارة الفنادق والشقق المفروشة

Management of hotels and furnished apartments

The program for managing guests and reservations, linking with Suns, and the tourist monitoring platform and guest accommodation.

إدارة الجيم والنوادي

Gym and club management

To manage subscribers, quotas, access control for gyms, accounting and inventory.

برنامج إدارة الأوقاف

Awqaf management program

Cloud management for all endowments according to the definition of the authority in Saudi Arabia at any time and from any device connected to the Internet.

   برنامج إدارة محتوى الشركات والمؤسسات

Corporate and Enterprise Content Management Program

An advanced software system that transforms organizations from a repository of papers and documents into smart digital workplaces.

إدارة العقارات والأملاك

Real estate and property management

An easy electronic real estate program that provides you with integrated management of properties, real estate, rents, and contracts.

Get started with the leading digital transformation platform for businesses

55% of start-up companies have completely moved their business to the digital world and benefited from digital transformation solutions and applications, while 37% of companies continued to use traditional methods of management that deepened their problems and hindered their progress and growth. Join successful digital companies and enhance the growth and development of your business with the “Software Idea” platform, the best digital transformation supporter in the Arab world and the Middle East, and the first success partner for all business companies.


 برمجيات تقنية رائدة

Leading Technology Software

All technological software and technical applications that your business needs to run the work, perform various tasks, and automate procedures quickly, easily, and with the highest efficiency.


 مزايا حصرية وأسعار تنافسية

Exclusive benefits and competitive prices

Get an unparalleled range of digital transformation applications features and benefits tailored to suit your business needs at exclusive competitive rates.


 تحديثات مجانية باستمرار

Constantly free updates

"Software Idea" experts provide you with the constantly needed updates to upgrade your digital business system and maintain its development and quality of services completely free of charge.


 سهولة الاستخدام وسرعة الأداء

Ease of use and speed of performance

Easy-to-use technical software and technology applications that everyone can handle and get the most out of with unprecedented speed of performance to achieve better results.


الحماية والأمان

Protection and security

Get fully secure digital transformation solutions and applications built on servers protected by a combination of the strongest protection systems, global data encryption, and SSL security certificates.


 حلول تكنولوجية مُبتكرة

Innovative Technology Solutions

Modern technological systems and applications are suitable for all businesses, whatever the type or size of your business, you will find with us the appropriate solutions and innovative technologies that facilitate the performance of your work.


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