Security, replacement and retrieval 
Replacement and retrieval : 
In case you want to recover or replace the product. :
Contact customer service number. 0560000934 During the working hours daily from 9 am till 6 pm from Saturday to Thursday except Friday and holidays, anniversaries, official you can communicate through email support@fekrait.com.sa
In the case of a malfunction within the specified warranty period after use of the product is to communicate via chat written customer service www.fekrait.com And they're gonna solve your problem and answer the questions.
If the client is not satisfied with the product, replacement and retrieval is allowed within 2 days of the receipt of the request .
If you apply with a credit card, we'll just pay back the price of the product. Setup Fees The system, the credit card operator fees and the refund request fee Please note that it may take between 7 to 14 working days until the amount appears in your bank statement once the payment is processed by financial management.
Collateral. : 
The warranty is a full year against programming flaws .

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