Management of maintenance and technical support centers ​

                                                   Management of maintenance and technical support centers

Management Centers and Technical Support Program

Get the best digital experience for managing your maintenance center through Fekra program, where you can receive all maintenance reports and create running orders for them in an organized manner With recording all the data related to the report, such as the name of the device, its type, and the maintenance to be performed, in addition to attaching documents related to spare parts, whether they were purchased or recalled from the store, in addition to issuing electronic invoices that include maintenance costs and sending them to customers by e-mail or short messages (SMS) that also includes an appointment Handing over the device, and issuing any other reports related to workflow and financial procedures.
  • Create files for each maintenance request that includes all data.
  • Send notifications to customers about the delivery date and cost.
  • Follow-up the movement of the store through the serial numbers.
  • Issue reports for all maintenance requests and related procedures.
  • Electronic bills that include all costs and maintenance.

Manage maintenance orders and track their operations

And record any notes related to the device, whether it is still under warranty or not. Through these files, you will be able to review them at any time, add any related modifications, and send notifications to customers by e-mail or SMS messages regarding the maintenance stages of the device.

Calculate costs, profits and losses accurately

Through Fekra program, you will be able to easily review all the costs of maintenance reports and match them with the electronic invoices issued for each report, where you can easily add the costs of parts New spare parts by attaching their purchase orders to maintenance orders or importing them with costs automatically if they are from the store, in addition to issuing reports for each maintenance report after adding all costs and reviewing them to know the net profit individually or issuing combined reports according to the nature of the work.

Issue electronic invoices
The invoice includes the data of the device and all related repairs. You can also record any payments made in advance by the customer, add any discounts applied to the invoice, and then send those invoices by e-mail or print and deliver them directly, including the QR Code.

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Keep your customers permanently and ensure their loyalty
Because earning customer loyalty is the most important thing that any organization should strive for, through Fikra program you will be able to create a file for each customer that includes contact information and all Maintenance reports related to it and devices with their data, so that you can follow up customers after maintenance operations to ensure the condition of the devices and provide any support the customer needs, and through these files you can send marketing offers and discounts to maintain the loyalty of your customers, and through the idea program you can create an account for each customer to follow up Its maintenance reports easily and at any time needed.
Automate Workflows for Maintenance Orders and Reports
By automating workflow tasks, when registering a new maintenance report, you will be able to assign the employee responsible for the maintenance process and send a message with those tasks to the responsible employee, and then Follow up on all procedures related to the notification, and you can also send a message to the customer that includes the date of handing over the device immediately after the notification is registered.

Real-time follow-up of warehouse movement and manage supplier files


Create custom stock movement alerts to avoid out of stock for any product, which helps you start ordering orders for those products to avoid any stock shortage, You can also issue reports for each product by serial numbers to know the status of the products and facilitate inventory operations.

A system of financial and accounting reports, sales reports, etc.


The systems and tools of the integrated performance idea program help you track all financial transactions easily, so you can review all recorded daily entries, expenses and various revenues, and keep track of costs Related to purchase orders and bill payments, in addition to monthly salaries. You can also create an accounting guide to identify all the company's balances and issue different financial reports for each period and final reports on the financial situation.

Support Technical

We provide our customers with free technical support by phone or email messages throughout the day in order to provide an answer and response Quick for any inquiries related to the program and solve any problem for our customers.

Security and data integrity

It is protected and encrypted with the latest systems using SSL256 bit technology, with specifying access and creating backup copies of all data.

compatible With any corporate system

Through the program's user interface, you can use the useful tools for your organization's work system, and take advantage of ready-made designs and modify them in accordance with With your work, such as designs for automated letters, invoices, etc.


Ease Usage

The program has an interface that is easy to use the first time, with its various tools that suit all businesses to provide the best ways to Management at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

No More wasted time and effort

The program provides professional tools through which you can follow all the different workflow tasks with minimal time and effort, This is done through the user interface.

Rotate Your business from anywhere

Through the cloud system of the Fekra program, you will be able to use the program at any time, from anywhere, and from any device, by In order to follow up the business and issue the necessary reports or invoices, with the ability to work through the desktop application in the event of an internet outage.


Update League

Fekra program is updated periodically and for free, in order to provide the update of the tools used and to create any modern tools to provide The latest electronic management stream for your organization.


Lower in cost

The Fekra program is available at a reasonable price for all business owners, with its tools and applications without the need to pay any other expenses. Only through a monthly subscription suitable for everyone.