Recruitment management and applicant requests

                                     Recruitment management and applicant requests

Recruitment management system and applicant tracking
Make the hiring process and all related procedures easier and more organized through the application management system from Fekra HR, regardless of the number of applications or sources of receipt. The recruitment management system helps you organize the process of receiving employment applications and filtering applicants according to the criteria that you customize yourself, which helps to quickly and efficiently reach the required employees who are suitable for the nature of the vacancy.
Customization of recruitment stages
You can easily choose and customize the stages that applicants go through for vacancies in your company, from the first job application, through the personal interview processes, etc., and the end of the appointment, after passing all those stages that you specify on the system.

Save and archive documents


The recruitment management system of the Fekra HR program provides a complete electronic archiving system in order to facilitate the process of saving documents and documents for applicants for vacant positions and the speed and ease of access to them at any time, from anywhere and through any device, and to avoid damage or loss of these documents.

Multilingual system


The Recruitment Management System from Fekra HR provides an easy-to-use user interface that supports more than one language, including English, with full support for the Arabic language, to provide the best and easiest experience for applying for vacancies in your company or organization, while providing instant updates to applicants about the progress of their employment application.

evaluation models and analysis


The system provides your company's recruiters with ready-made forms for evaluating interviews with job applicants and taking notes about the interview and the applicant as well with the ability to customize these forms and create lists or text boxes through which the evaluation is recorded. In addition to the feature of analyzing the results of interviews, which you can also customize.


Automatic access to applicants' social media accounts


The system automatically recognizes the social media accounts of applicants for job vacancies in your company as soon as you apply for a job and upload resumes to the system, making it easier for you to know more about the applicant and whether he is suitable for your work environment or not.


Employment reporting and analysis system


The program provides you with a comprehensive and accurate reporting and analysis system to access complete data and comprehensive and detailed analyzes, whether about job applicants or recruitment processes within your company in general at any time, for example analyzes of applicants for a specific vacancy, or the rate of filling the vacancy, and other comprehensive reports. With the ability to customize reports and obtain customized data with the availability of smart and huge viewing tools, and the ability to export data in different formats.

Video interviews


The Fekra HR program provides you with the advantage of conducting personal interviews with applicants for vacancies remotely via video to facilitate the interview process and speed of completion, with the possibility of conducting group interviews and the feature of screen sharing during the interview and other features.

Email management and customization


The system provides you with an automatic e-mail management feature to facilitate the processes of sending and receiving messages with job applicants, and to easily identify the status of receipt. This is in addition to the ability to customize emails and use ready-made message templates for different situations.

Posting on social media for a wider spread of vacancies


The recruitment management system allows you to share and publish vacancies within your company on the company's accounts on various social media platforms from the same system to achieve a wider spread and reach a larger number of applicants through social media.


Alerts and notifications


The system includes a system of notifications through which users receive alerts about developments regarding vacancies and any movements on them in real time, so that they are always informed.