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- The best simple and easy-to-use accounting program. In the coming lines, we will learn together about its most important features and specifications, because this type of program is very important in managing the accounts of companies and shops, and any commercial entity must have a professional accounting program that helps it in many calculations related to the work of the company or Enterprise.
Accounting program for shops
Any commercial activity, whether stores, companies, exhibitions, or stores, needs a distinguished accounting program that includes countless advantages, and includes various lists that help business owners to manage all commercial activities and departments of all kinds, and works on calculating value-added and other cloud services.
What is an accounting program...?
It is an accounting system that includes monitoring banks, warehouses, and accounts and linking them together online. It is a program approved by the largest international accounting offices, which set standards for speed, flexibility, and ease of the electronic cloud, regardless of the volume of transactions in it.
Examples of departments that need professional accounting software such as ours to manage them include:
Sales Department.
Items section.
Settings section.
financial department.
Procurement Section.
stock Department.
Reports section.
personnel department.
One of the most important features of the best accounting software is that it helps to issue all types of invoices and accounting reports, and through it, several branches or departments of the same business can be linked, and this is done through a single database that includes all the data of the various branches in order to be followed up and managed very easily.
The corporate accounting program helps to manage all financial and accounting operations, and everything related to public accounts, with different activity and type of company or institution, whether industrial, service or commercial, as the accounting program can manage all your accounting affairs, and manage your project budget from A to Z.
The accounting program is useful for departments in which there is a financial manager or several managers, and many accountants, as it greatly facilitates the management of appropriations, the flow of authorizations, and various calculations, which helps you to control your financial affairs in your company.
The most important features of corporate accounting software:
The program is characterized by its lower price when compared to other accounting programs.
It receives continuous updates and continuous technical support.
The program and its capabilities can be modified according to the client's needs, in order to suit his business.
It has the ability to follow up on employee matters in the organization such as salaries and deductions, departure and attendance dates, vacations, as well as permissions and other matters related to personnel affairs.
Recording the transfers that take place between the company's stores.
Write down the names of companies, customers, delegates, and suppliers that the company deals with.
The account supports all the company's banking transactions, such as installments, loans, and others.
Record supplier invoices.
Record sales according to the value added tax.
Writing checks, safes, advance amounts and others.
Record all commodity prices.
Through the accounting program, it is possible to make purchases and sales reports.
Recording invoices for both purchases and sales made in the company.
It is the most important accounting program that provides a profit report, income statement, and completes the budget review process.
Through it, accurate reports can be made on the progress of work in the company.
By linking all branches with a single database.
Manage sales departments, accounts, and purchases in some detail.
Helps the accountant to make inventory of stores using the barcode.
An infinite number of products and items can be registered in the program.
It works depending on the accounting cycle.
Accounting software … is easy to use and secure, in addition to having a fun way to display data.
It is the chicest and simplest accounting software you will ever deal with.
It provides a detailed and accurate picture of all types of invoices issued and received, whether after or before tax deduction.
Enables to follow up the stores at the same time, and make a detailed inventory of the items.
It can be used from anywhere.

The most important places that you need to use a distinguished accounting software such as ours:
First: the major distribution companies
Such as companies distributing electrical tools, food commodities, and plastic industries, in addition to activities that include more than one branch.
Second: factories
Such as confectionery factories, garment factories, furniture factories, and food commodities factories.
Third: shops
Such as computer accessories stores, clothing stores, perfume stores, phone stores, gift shops, in addition to supermarkets and restaurants.
What are the reasons that made Fikra Accounting Program the best accounting program in the Arab world?
There are several reasons why our program is the best accounting program ever, and the following are the most important of these reasons:
First: it saves effort and time
As this program includes the most important criteria for success, which is speed and ease, regardless of the amount of transactions.
Second: great and easy design
This program is designed in an easy way and is suitable for working with it on any device.
Third: The price of the program is affordable for everyone
We offer the best accounting software price to suit all the needs of medium, small and large companies.
Fourth: a very flexible program
You can run the program only within a few minutes, then you can start following up and managing your business in a professional manner that no one can compete with.
Fifth: We provide customers with after-sales service and continuous technical support
We offer our valued customers a distinguished technical support service; This is because we are well aware of what are the most important requirements of any customer and we are working to solve them as quickly as possible, with the highest possible quality and professionalism, and this is what distinguishes us from others.
Sixth: It is one of the most important and distinguished brands
It is a distinguished accounting program at the Arab level, and this is the testimony of everyone who dealt with it.
Seventh: Reap your profits with the best accounting software
With the help of the program, you can reap more profits for your project

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