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The sales tax owed

while the sales tax targets the goods and services sold, the burden of which is transferred from one seller to another until it is borne by the final consumer

Income tax on individuals

Some countries impose an income tax on the income of individuals residing in the country, whether this income is generated from work, trade, or otherwise

Correct Accounting Errors

Suppose that the accountant of your company made a wrong entry for the sale of goods on the account in the amount of $ 500, by recording the entry as follows

Accounting Errors

Accountants may make some mistakes during their accounting steps, and these errors are either discovered during the financial period at the stage of registration or posting or when preparing the trial balance, or they are discovered in the coming financial periods, and we will explain in this less...


When the establishment sells goods, an account is opened for the sale process called a sales account, which is credited with the value of the goods


When purchasing the goods, the establishment may bear expenses until the goods reach the warehouses, such as transportation costs, customs fees, and clearance

The types of debt

This is due to the inability of the debtors to pay the debts owed to them, for several reasons that may be due to their bankruptcy

Fixed assets

Fixed assets

Fixed assets are those assets that the establishment purchases with the aim of using it and assisting it in carrying out its activity for several

Cash in the bank

Cash in the bank

Companies usually open an account with the bank through which money is deposited and withdrawn to and from the bank account

Cash in the Fund

Cash in the Fund

The fund account is considered an asset account, and it is recorded on the debit side when cash amounts are deposited in it, and it is recorded

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