The importance of digital transformation for maintenance and breakdown management

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Today, digital transformation has become one of the most important reasons that help institutions and companies reach the highest levels of efficiency in performing tasks at the level of all departments, and it has become the prevailing trend for companies aspiring to excel and succeed.
One of the most important departments that witnessed development and success through its digital transformation in some institutions is the Department of Maintenance and Malfunction Reports.
This is done through the latest and best program for malfunction reports, which is the CMMS program for managing maintenance reports, because it contains programs and applications that helped achieve the highest performance rates in workflow tasks related to that management, including the call center management program, which is specialized in receiving reports of malfunctions easily, orderly and quickly, in addition to many other systems and software contained in the Software; This made digital transformation an important priority for companies to implement in maintenance management.
The importance of digital transformation to manage maintenance reports
The old systems followed by organizations in managing maintenance and breakdown reports lead to many obstacles and problems, which negatively affected the performance of the organization, and among those negative effects are the following:
Errors occurred in the manual registration of maintenance reports.
Damage and loss of documents related to communications in some cases.
Delay in taking appropriate action related to fault reports.
Damage to resources due to delayed maintenance.
The inability to track the author's itinerary and know his details.
Difficulty making the right decisions as a result of inaccurate reports.
Inability to track employee tasks within the department.
Lack or depletion of materials and tools related to maintenance work without prior knowledge.
Waste of time, effort and money, which negatively affects production.
All of these reasons were leading to a weak management that did not achieve success, but through the fault reports management program, all these negatives became non-existent and were eliminated as a result of digital transformation and the application of automated technology management. By using the CMMS crash reporting program, you can:
Receiving and recording maintenance reports electronically through the call center management program.
The ability to receive communications in more than one way (phone calls, e-mails, or notifications of the same program).
Follow-up of each communication, starting from receiving, recording, reviewing and transferring it to the specialists for implementation.
Receiving notifications and alerts of any new communication and any action taken with each communication.
Automation of all workflow tasks and the possibility of automatic transfer of reports through the smart fault reports management program.
Control and review all tasks at the same time or at a later time.
Obtaining accurate reports to make the right decisions commensurate with the work.
CMMS contains an electronic archiving system to save all reports for safe and confidential reference at any time to protect them from damage or loss.
All of these reasons made the CMMS program the most important malfunction reporting program that achieves the required efficiency and success for any institution, regardless of its size.
Advantages of the digital transformation of the maintenance and malfunction reports program
After we got acquainted with the importance of the digital transformation of the fault reports management program and the positives it offers in creating an electronic work environment away from manual performance and helping to finish all workflow procedures quickly and efficiently, it remains for us to get acquainted with the most important characteristics and advantages of digital transformation through the CMMS fault reports program .
They are as follows:
Action automation
This is so that you can follow up on all work-related procedures, such as receiving and recording communications, and what is taken regarding them after each step until they are completed.
Linking API library
The CMMS program for managing maintenance and malfunction reports allows you to link with any other application or program that is used within the organization for easy data recording and facilitating business performance, such as the cloud ERP system and systems related to the call center management program and other systems.
Coordination and transfer of knowledge
Through this tool in the fault reports management program, you will be able to keep all the documents related to maintenance and the instructions that must be followed to carry out maintenance work for easy reference in the event of hiring new employees in the maintenance department.
Data security and integrity
To protect the data of the maintenance reports program, the CMMS program contains the latest cybersecurity technologies to protect the electronic archive in which all documents are stored, as well as to protect the program itself from exposure to any piracy attacks that may lead to theft, loss or damage of those documents, which may harm the work of the institution, in addition to keeping backup copies of data on cloud storage.
cloud system
The CMMS program and its various programs and systems such as the call center management program work through an integrated cloud system to easily manage all tasks by managing maintenance and fault reports with the ability to work on the program from any device (mobile phone, tablet or computer) to provide speed in completing work And the ability to follow up on various workflows as well at any time.
Therefore, we find it important to start converting the management of fault reports to an electronic digital management through the CMMS program to manage fault reports to eliminate the negatives of the old administrative systems and achieve the success that every organization aspires to.

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