What You Don't Know About How to Make a Successful Digital Transformation

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The sooner organizations realize that digitization is more about people than technology, the sooner the transformation will happen

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What You Don't Know About How to Make a Successful Digital Transformation
What You Don't Know About How to Make a Successful Digital Transformation
What you don't know about how to conduct a successful digital transformation
The sooner organizations realize that digitization is more about people than technology, the sooner the transformation will happen, and all that is needed while attempting digital transformation is the right methodologies, tools, and attitudes.
In today's world, it seems that staying competitive and innovating is normal in every boardroom within organizations. Sometimes the term "digitization" is loosely thrown around as a solution to lower profits and staying competitive, but unfortunately most companies, look at digitization as simply meaning Internet connection.
But digitization is more than that, it means being able to be efficient, agile and adaptive in order to stay ahead of the pack, using design and technology as enablers, playing all the processes, systems and organizational structures, which may have a huge role in the failure of some transformation initiatives digital.
In this article, we will learn how to conduct a successful digital transformation, and the reasons for the failure of digital transformation.
How does digital transformation succeed?
For digital transformations to be successful, they must permeate every team and department in an organization, and the process requires an open-minded approach as well as a preparation for, and understanding of, how data, design, and technology impact them across HR, finance, purchasing, and marketing teams.
One of the most important factors contributing to the success of this transformation is the company's ability to support and guide the entire team across the organization, even if that means getting outside help, so make sure that design thinking plays a huge role in how the organization connects to a common vision and purpose.
An example of digital transformation
Take Company X for example, they are successful because they have created some of the best transformation tools, they have hired some of the best engineers, researchers, analysts, industrial designers, sales, marketing, operations and project managers, now this company has done what it has been doing for years But better.
The company started out by providing the best workouts employees could want, moved faster with smarter workouts, and their products flooded the market.
This is what makes Company Y look old. It is trying to catch up on building the systems, processes, and hardware needed to produce competitive products. It needs to catch up or fall behind. Company will start to make user-centered design and software a big part of the company, but that It will be a slow learning curve and often costly.
Going from nothing to nothing
Some companies bring in strategic consultants, and they try to bring different methodologies such as: Agile, Workshop, Design Thinking, Brainstorming into the vocabulary of the company, and all these methodologies and techniques are very important for the team to develop an understanding of what digitization means.
And what digitization really means is being able to go from zero percent to 100 percent in a short time, on a small budget but with a big impact. , but if your process ends there, you're doing something wrong.
Find professionals, who can help you think, take you beyond thinking, bring you to a tangible point, something that doesn't end with great presentations and concepts that will end up in PowerPoint or somewhere no one will read.
Some ideas for a successful digital transformation
You can rely on several ideas to help you implement a successful digital transformation, for example:
Choose the right team
Digitization needs decision makers who are willing to put themselves to the test, and one can only do that if they truly understand what their organization has to offer and the importance of design thinking. Thoughtful and perfected through trial and error, all methods are previously validated.
Smart driving
It is important to hire the right people to lead the digital transformation within your organization, and this is usually difficult especially if the management team themselves do not know what they are looking for while hiring. The easiest thing to do at the beginning is to work with companies that focus on design-driven innovation. Which can help build and train your existing team to get a better understanding of how to build a culture of innovation and design, by understanding the technical and user-centric capabilities, this way and over time, you can continue to grow expertise within the team, and allow different opinions to circulate within the team.
The rule of thumb while hiring your team
A rule of thumb for hiring the right team, especially in the digital space, is to ensure you hire problem solvers, innovators, doers, and makers.
This field is changing faster than you can imagine, so success is easier when you rely on an effective team, make sure to get a team that is quick to adapt and change and loves to learn new things, because we live in an era of rapid change, so it is best to have a team that can manage projects different and adapts to any conditions.
Mix a new team with the old one
It is not correct to assume that the current team will adapt to digital transformation overnight, as this is not normal, so try to enter a new team that is able to understand digital transformation, and after all, this team was an effective tool, before the emergence of programs, data, and design that focus on Technology and people, and I never advise you to abandon them, but I emphasize the need for your organization to transform by relying on a team that has knowledge of new technologies, in addition to the help of your existing team.
The newer team that knows the techniques of digital work, the new transformation can help instill a different and perhaps faster method of product development, workshops, demos will become

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