Now you can pay within Facebook Messenger via PayPal

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Now you can pay within Facebook Messenger via PayPal
The PayPal electronic payment service has integrated with Facebook to allow users of the Messenger application to make payments through it easily and without the need to switch between applications.
The service works with users within the United States, and you can start by pressing the + button, then choosing the payment icon, then selecting the required amount and pressing Pay.
Now Messenger offers you several payment methods, including Paypal. You can choose it, enter your account, and then confirm the payment to your friend you are talking to.
Unfortunately, the service currently works only on iOS, but it is believed that it is as a first stage to be available later on Android and perhaps the desktop as well, in addition to its expansion to cover several countries around the world.
This integration between PayPal and Messenger shows its benefits greatly for those who work online and companies that use the platform to communicate with their customers.

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