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Program for barcode shops
Many companies, restaurants, shops and supermarkets face many problems while writing invoices and managing the place, which makes them fall into many mistakes that result in customer dissatisfaction and low workplace profit.
Based on that, the Fikra Accounting Program was created, which includes the barcode to avoid errors that accountants make by the accounts, as the Fikra Accounting Program for shops is the best software used in Saudi Arabia.

What makes Fikra Accounting Program the best used software?
Many programs appeared previously, but they were not enough to achieve the required result. This was carefully studied by the company and produced the best accounting program for stores.
Program for barcode shops
It allows you to fully manage the sales process that takes place from reading the barcode to the secret number written on the product until extracting the purchase invoice for each product with the price written on it before and after the discount.
What does the company aim for in this program?
It aims to satisfy the customer and provide all the services that help to gain his trust. We are also interested in our field, provided that the program is at the highest level with its constant development in the management of stores where buying and selling operations are available for all magazines such as:
large and small companies.
Clothing and shoe stores.
Grocery stores.
Bakery and restaurants.
Furniture and decoration stores.
Barcode system integrated system:
The barcode system is an integrated system that supports all places that contain buying and selling. Perhaps you may ask yourself, what is a barcode and the idea of ​​its work?
Barcode definition:
It is a reflection of all the data and information falling on the laser beam or the scanner so that it all appears on the computer screen in front of you.
This is done through a specific code written on a small sticker that is linked by a computer and then affixed to the product after being printed through its own machine.
This code contains several numbers arranged in a secret code. Each code for the product differs from the other. When the sales process is made, the product is exposed to the scanner through which the code is read and the product is matched with the data shown on the computer screen (name, price and weight) to finally produce the invoice and the sale process is completed. And the purchase is successful.
Program for barcode shops
3 main parts that make up a barcode:
After we got acquainted with the barcode, let's get acquainted with the main parts that it consists of:
the reader.
the printer.
The stickers, which are divided into (thermal stickers - regular stickers)

Features of the barcode software for shops:
Allows you to add all kinds of items.
Ease of inventory taking place.
Save time and easily create a printed invoice.
The ability to search by barcode for items quite easily.
Connect more than one device to each other.
Completing the buying and selling process in an orderly and easy manner without facing any difficulties.
You can know the amount of purchases that have been made and the percentage of your profits.
It can prepare reports with complete accuracy.
It sends you an alert when the stock of an item is out of stock.
It guarantees that you will not issue fraud in any of the completed accounts.
Ensure that no errors occur when completing the replacement process between items.
Adding the dates of sale, purchase and returns to invoices and recording them on the computer.
The availability of the Arabic language, which makes it easier for you to use.
Best accounting software for small business
Through the Fikra accounting program, it is possible to manage all departments of the company (purchases - stores - sales - items - employees - accounts - reports - inventory - revenues - expenses - returns).
It is also possible to link all the branches to one database so that you can follow the current operations in all the branches through one computer screen that makes you able to manage the company administratively, technically and accounting easily.
Dear reader, hurry up to contact us on our numbers appearing in front of you and reserve your copy or contact us via the main chat of the site 0560000934
Where you will find us available 24 hours a day, we work on your convenience.

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