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ERP accounting software
The ERP program is the best accounting program among the many accounting programs used in companies and institutions, as it helps to develop a system of plans that contribute to the success of the organization’s work. The program is compatible with accounting standards, as the program is constantly updated to keep pace with developments in the various accounting rules.
The use of the program has spread due to its efficiency in covering all departments (such as human resources - customer service - etc.), and it helps to create an integrated database by linking all departments with each other within the organization.
What is ERP software
It is an integrated accounting system for commercial activity that includes all accounting and administrative matters and organizing them in an orderly manner
What are the activities that need to use ERP software:
The ERP system has become one of the most required programs in the market now, as it is intended to mainly include all commercial and service activities, as it is suitable for large companies and institutions of any size or number of employees.
The most important features of the ERP program
The program supports working with many languages in order to facilitate dealing with customers and suppliers.
Designed in a coordinated manner so that it is easy to use by users.
The presence of an online feature that helps you to follow up the workflow remotely.
Connect all branches with the main branch of the company.
It goes with all the different fields.
It helps us to know any mathematical errors that occur within any branch, and it also gives us some solutions that contribute to solving them.
Record all data for which invoices have been extracted.
Create an infinite number of users.
Follow-up of what is going on inside the store.
Complete analyzes of expenses and revenues with high accuracy for the day and can be compared with any other day to follow up the company's profit and loss.
The program uses a strong and secure database, which helps to provide security for non-penetration, and that base that resides on global servers.
Follow up on workflow for users.
Helps reduce embezzlement and theft by users.
Monitoring any user who attempts to manipulate accounts within the company.
Integration of bank accounts with knowledge of the dates of receipt of checks payable to customers of the company.
Alerts about suppliers' dues and payment dates.
The program helps to know the goods that were sold, whether they were sold on credit, in cash, or in installments.
Issuing an invoice for customers, fulfilling the value of his purchases.

ERP accounting software
Why do many recommend using ERP software?
The use of an accounting program has become one of the basic rules within any project, despite the multiplicity of accounting programs. Therefore, the program used within the company must have the following:
The accounting program helps to follow up the sales made within the branches.
Helps to follow up the withdrawals made in the stores.
An accounting program that is characterized as one of the developed and constantly updated programs.
Sending notifications to follow up on billing dates due to clients.
Know the checks owed by the company to suppliers, and know the dates of their payment.
By giving powers to users according to his status and taking into account the nature of his work within the company.
ERP software contains a strong base from which you can integrate all the different separate programs that are used within the company.
Make a permanent inventory of stores.
It contains a set of various applications and links them into a single database.
When registering the invoice for a customer, it works to influence the stores.
The breadth of the program due to the presence of an infinite number of suppliers and customers.
The importance of ERP software
Many owners of institutions, companies, shops, and government agencies use the erp accounting program, because it is of great importance among the rest of the other accounting programs. Here are the most important things that the program includes:
The program contains a comprehensive database for the entire organization and allows the possibility of increasing data.
Ease of extracting any data, even no matter how long it takes.
The program helps retrieve the required data and compare it with the current data.
We can dispense with the use of any other accounting software with it at work.
When extracting an invoice for customers, the program automatically affects the accounts through the daily entry.
The journal entry that is made through the sold invoice includes knowing that the invoice was sold in cash, on credit, or in installments.
The program contains the barcode through which a code is made for the items separately.
We can issue an invoice for more than one item and more than one customer.
The flow of sales operations within the ERP program
The program enjoys the nature of interrelated and homogeneous accounting operations with each other, as the program contains the workflow, not in a random way, through the following:
The user of the program passes the items on the barcode, then the price specified for each item appears on the screen to the user and the customer. After completion, the total purchases appear, and then the customer selects the method through which payment will be made, whether it is cash, check, or electronic exchange.
After the completion of any sale process, the warehouse system is negatively affected by the items that were sold, but in the event that items are received from suppliers, the opposite happens, and the stores are positively affected.
Subprograms in ERP software
First: Customer accounts:
It is considered one of the powerful and important systems within the program, because it is mixed with the documentary cycle. It is also used to follow up customers and their accounts, and it controls the different pricing and payment methods.
Features of customer accounting software:
Dealing seriously with suppliers, customers and delegates and classifying them.
Ease of linking exchange and addition notes, as well as price quotations with purchase and sale orders.
Extract detailed reports for each of the delegates, suppliers and customers separately.
Extract detailed reports for items, stores and purchases.
Second: Cash and Checks Program:
It is a program for all cash transactions and accounts

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