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A complete sales program
If you are facing difficulties during inventory operations, adding items, sales and purchases, here is the perfect solution to manage your sales without errors
Fikra Sales Program is the best program for managing and following up existing operations, ensuring you the best results by recording daily transactions
Sales such as buying and selling, returns and quotes.
It also ensures that you manage your organization flexibly and easily without consuming more time in buying and selling operations.
Fekra Program for Easier and Cheaper Sales.
It saves the time allocated for training provided to those in charge of the work due to its ease of use, as the program was developed to suit the simple user (all users), and you can learn it quickly and proficiently, to allow you to comprehensively manage all existing operations.
A complete sales program
It can be used in small and large companies, as it allows you to fully manage all the activities in your organization from anywhere and at any time, in addition to helping you obtain financial, technical and statistical reports. You can link more than one branch to the main device.
It helps you record balances and banks and allows you to view and monitor them continuously.
An idea program for sales contributes to managing stores!
It is the perfect solution to many accounting problems facing any institution, as it mainly contributes to warehouse management by adding items in their quantities and making a daily and monthly inventory of the stores. It also works to inform you of detailed reports about the stores and send alerts to you in the event of a shortage of a specific item.
It enables you to follow up on transfers between stores and suppliers, take into account tax transactions, discounts based on products, and sales and purchase invoices that take place.
Follow up on sales and purchases.
The sales program is one of the basic parts of the accounting program. It allows you to follow the buying and selling process with accuracy, flexibility and ease. It includes sales (sales cycle - sales points - sales returns - sales reports - incentives).
It also includes purchases (purchase cycle - purchase invoices - purchase returns - purchase reports - incentives).
The program is distinguished from other programs by avoiding the defects that most companies and stores face when working on it, as it was developed
To suit all commercial activities of different sizes. Whatever the size of your business, you will find what supports you.
A complete sales program
Sales program features:
• Giving the employer specific powers to the users of the program.
Where it allows the employer to assign specific tasks to each worker in the establishment and to give certain powers to work on them, and he cannot control others, and he cannot see the rest of the existing tasks.
• Giving a complete record of buying and selling transactions that took place with the date, time and price of the product.
• Sending alerts if a specific product is short of stock.
When a product is short of stock, it sends an alert message to inform you of the remaining quantity and number before it runs out of stock.
• Create detailed reports with graphs of sales and item inventory.
• Save customer data and refer to it at any time.
• Add discounts to the product automatically or manually.
• View existing discounts and taxes charged.
• Knowledge of the characteristics of each item (production date - expiry date - validity - barcode).
Assigning a special barcode for each product through which everything related to the product can be known from the producing company, methods of preservation, transportation, price and discount based on the product.
• Follow up the incoming and outgoing records of each product.
• Complete the buying and selling process through the visa.
• Make a backup copy of all the data recorded within the program, which ensures that you can recover the data in case of loss.
• More than one user can access the program at the same time.
• Adding the name of the customer and the seller to the sales invoice.
• Adding manual quantities and modifying product data.
• The presence of a technical support team to help you when a problem occurs.
Dear reader, to know more about the program and book your copy, hurry up and contact us at 0560000934. You can contact us through the main chat of the site, where we are available throughout the day to answer any inquiries.
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