What is CMMS Maintenance Report Management Program?

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The maintenance and breakdown department is one of the most important departments to be available in any organization of any size, especially in organizations that have many branches. And because the management of these faults requires many procedures, from receiving a maintenance report to its implementation, we have created a CMMS program to easily manage maintenance and fault reports within institutions and companies.
In this article, we will get to know and explain to you the program for managing malfunction reports or the program for reporting malfunctions, also known as the CMMS program, as well as the call center management program. In addition to the features and tools it contains to manage fault reports in your organization successfully and efficiently.
What is the CMMS maintenance management program?
It is an electronic program created in support of the digital transformation process, which has been implemented in various institutions and at the level of all departments, due to the solutions it provides to all problems and obstacles faced by institutions.
And because the management of maintenance and malfunction reports is one of the most important departments, because it contains many procedures and steps, which start from receiving the maintenance report, then recording it and directing it to the competent employee to take the appropriate action and review it before directing the maintenance teams until they start their work, and all of these procedures were facing problems either in the delay in Receiving or executing the communication and sometimes losing the documents, which used to cost the institutions a lot of expenses.
However, through the fault reports management program, this process is now managed efficiently and successfully without any obstacles, which contributed to reducing maintenance work as a result of follow-up and performing any maintenance in a timely manner, and as a result, the preservation of the resources of the various institutions.
The CMMS program for managing maintenance reports contains many applications and tools that allow you to receive and record maintenance reports in a system and ease that allows you to direct and review them with the ability to refer to any old report for review or record any new notes of its own, and all of these operations from one place.
Advantages of the CMMS maintenance management program
CMMS is considered the best program for reporting malfunctions due to the advantages it contains that made managing these reports more efficient and successful, all by automating all workflow tasks within that department with the ability to control and follow-up and verify each action, all through the program’s user interface.
Among the features of the program that provide you with the best experience in performing workflow tasks are the following:
Receive communications
Through the call center management program, which is one of the systems in the maintenance reports management program, employees in the call center management will be able to receive phone calls related to reports or obtain them from e-mail messages and record all report data for later transfer to the employee responsible for reviewing these reports.
Communication engine
After recording the data of maintenance reports in the fault reports management program, the report is automatically forwarded to the department or employee concerned with the review for approval and to ensure the availability of resources related to carrying out such maintenance, and then forwarding it again to the department responsible for carrying out the required maintenance.
Notifications and alerts
The maintenance reports program contains a complete system for sending notifications for receiving any new maintenance notification. Those notifications are received through e-mails, SMS messages, and mobile phone notifications, in addition to the notifications of the program itself. You can also receive notifications of any action taken on any maintenance report to see all updates in real time.
Written chat
The chat application of the fault reports management program makes it easy for employees within your organization to communicate with each other, whether it is to manage or review maintenance reports, find out the latest updates, and send attachments in various formats quickly and safely.
electronic archive
Through the call center management program, employees can record all communications received in the organization's database and save them in the electronic archiving system in an organized manner based on their date and type for easy access later, and all data and documents in the electronic archive of the CMMS program are kept confidential and safe to prevent them from being stolen, damaged or getting lost.
Task Management
Through this tool, you will be able to manage the tasks of employees, whether through the call center management program or the fault reports management program, so that you can know all the reports received from the call center management and the procedures that have been taken regarding them, so that you are aware of all updates, moment by moment.
Other features that make CMMS the best program for crash reporting include:
The possibility of using it via mobile phone and tablet.
Managing documents for purchase orders and suppliers.
staff performance Evaluation.
The call center management program to ensure that communications are received in an orderly manner that ensures that no maintenance is delayed or any sent communication is lost.
Using cyber security to keep data safe and confidential.
Issuing various reports.
The possibility of analyzing all data.
asset management.
The CMMS crash reporting program also allows you to add any number of users to the program and grant access to each user according to their workflow tasks, in addition to the ability to use it in more than one language.

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