What is paperless management ? How can you start applying it?

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Recently, the term "paperless management" has spread and has become the dominant trend for many institutions and companies in the government and private sectors to develop an administrative communication system to manage the various departments within each institution, regardless of its size.
There are many programs that support the cmms system, which is a system programmed to easily manage various tasks related to the workflow electronically. One of the most important and best of these programs in the management of administrative communications and electronic archiving is the Docsuite program.
But before learning how to apply the use of Docsuite archiving software, we must first know what is paperless management? And its importance and what it can add to any institution in order to develop its own administrative communication system.
What is paperless management?
Paperless management is a system that supports digital transformation in order to develop the administrative communication system and reduce the use of paper documents in all tasks and procedures related to workflow by automating all tasks.
Through the use of the Docsuite electronic archiving program, which contains a number of systems and programs to transform the management of your organization into a paperless one, such as the task management program for employees, as well as the incoming and outgoing administrative communication system, and the electronic archiving system to save all your documents electronically in complete safety, with the possibility of also using the electronic signature feature for documents.
Docsuite is an integrated cloud program that supports digital transformation and specializes in developing administrative communications in all its forms to control all workflow tasks in order to provide a better work environment for employees and give each business owner an easy follow-up to manage his organization, which positively affects the service provided to customers.
It can also be used by any institution or sector, whether the volume of work within the institution is large or small, as it is suitable for any business owner seeking to develop his own administrative communication system.
The importance of digital transformation of paperless management
As we all know that the management of paper documents costs institutions a lot of expenses and expenses allocated for the purchase of papers and all related tools, in addition to the need for a large space to store these documents after the completion of dealing with them, as well as wasting a lot of time and effort in completing various paper transactions and what can be That it causes problems as a result of errors that may occur as a result of writing wrong data unintentionally and other errors.
Therefore, your use of an electronic archiving program such as Docsuite will help you get rid of many problems that may hinder the development of the success of your organization. The administrative communication system from Docsuite will help you in:
Keeping pace with the technological development and starting the digital transformation easily and quickly to develop administrative communication tasks within the organization.
Reducing a lot of paper and printing costs and expenses.
By using the employee task management software, you will be able to easily monitor the workflow of each employee from one place.
An electronic archiving program to keep all the organization's data in one place away from the possibility of damage, loss or theft.
An incoming and outgoing program to control all correspondences inside and outside the organization easily and save them in the archiving program later.
Create a fast work environment to end all transactions and procedures in a timely manner and control administrative communications between employees.
How to get started with the paperless transition
Through the use of one of the best software related to controlling the administrative communications system (CMMS), which is the Docsuite administrative communications and archiving program, which is specially designed to support all forms of digital transformation, automate workflows, and support the incoming and outgoing correspondence system.
As the Docsuite electronic archiving program contains an easy-to-use control panel that enables you to use many administrative tools and programs, such as:
Task management software for employees
Incoming and outgoing program
Electronic archiving program
Electronic signature tool or digital signature
Administrative communication system
All of these programs and applications carry many advantages, through which you will be able to:
Control the workflow by directing transactions to employees automatically through the incoming and outgoing administrative communication system, and converting each document for later review, and then storing it in the archiving program.
Recording all the organization's data related to employees or customers, as well as the incoming and outgoing system correspondence, and storing it within the electronic archiving system until it is needed again.
The speed in making decisions and finalizing transactions by using the electronic signature tool or the digital signature of each employee with the possibility of keeping the electronic signature of each employee separately in the electronic archiving system in complete confidentiality.
The ability to transfer and receive all correspondences within the incoming and outgoing system, and process and store them within the electronic archiving system.
Use the best electronic archiving program with a cyber security feature to protect your documents.
Assign and control the tasks of each employee through the employee task management software.
Through the Docsuite electronic archiving system, you can add any number of users to work through the program.
Docsuite as an electronic archiving software gives you the ease of searching for any document for further use, reviewing, printing, etc.

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