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"Electronic document management" is a term that began to appear coinciding with the technological development witnessed by all countries of the world, and this term was associated with the process of digital transformation that many institutions and companies began to adopt and apply through the use of the latest administrative communication programs, and one of the most important of these programs is the archiving program or Administrative Communications Docsuite.
Through this article, we will learn about the concept of the digital transformation process and its relationship to the development of the administrative communication system within your organization, and how it can be applied in the process of managing paper documents and converting them into a paperless administration.
Digital transformation of administrative communications operations
Adopting the digital transformation process and starting to implement it through the use of one of the best administrative communication and electronic archiving programs, Docsuite, is beneficial to all parties of any organization (employer, managers, employees, and customers).
This is because the Docsuite administrative communication system works to automate all workflow tasks and procedures, whether they are between employees with each other or between the employee and the customer, through the use of a number of tools and systems supported by the program such as the electronic archiving system as well as the incoming and outgoing system in addition to the digital signature, and the management program tasks for employees, and by automating workflows, this will benefit the organization through the following:
Ending customer transactions easier, faster and without errors through the smart administrative communication system.
Save a lot of time and effort spent on workflow procedures, which positively affects the performance of employees.
Maintaining all work documents and data in one place and in a system by using the best electronic archiving program for the Docsuite program and protecting them from exposure to theft or damage.
The ability to use Docsuite, the incoming and outgoing administrative communication system, from anywhere and through any device.
Docsuite digital transformation systems
The Docsuite electronic archiving program contains a set of systems and applications that support digital transformation at the level of administrative tasks and at the level of documents used in various workflow tasks. :
An incoming and outgoing program for correspondence and electronic messages
The incoming and outgoing administrative communication system for internal correspondence
Workflow engine
A package of regulations and laws management through the administrative communication system
Electronic archiving program
Written chat system between employees
Task management software for employees
Electronic signature package
All of these systems have been programmed within the Docsuite program that supports the cmms administrative systems, which was created in order to control the electronic administrative communication systems.
Electronic document management
You may now be wondering how it is possible to deal with paper documents electronically after implementing the digital transformation process and developing administrative communication procedures in your organization, as well as documents related to correspondence through an incoming and outgoing program.
You do not have to worry about these questions because this process has now become easier. By using the administrative communication system issued and received from Docsuite, you will be able to:
Merge attachments when uploading
Through the Docsuite administrative communication program, you will be able to download all the files related to the organization and merge them in PDF format, whether they are of the same or different format upon download, and then direct them to the competent departments to deal with them according to the need for work and review them, and the possibility of using the electronic signature tool or digital signature on those documents to complete the special procedures quickly and efficiently, and after completion it is saved within the electronic archiving system.
Office document support
The incoming and outgoing administrative communication system supports all Office documents, whether they are loaded with the program or attached to e-mail messages received through the incoming and outgoing system, and converting them into PDF automatically and later directing them to the smart archiving program.
OCR package
It is a tool located within the Docsuite administrative communications system to convert texts attached to images into document texts that are easy to deal with and save within the electronic archiving system afterwards.
Smart Sheet Package
Through the incoming and outgoing administrative communication system, you will be able to build electronic forms to record various data related to work and link them to the electronic signature tool for approval, and forms for customers to fill in to finalize their transactions and store those forms in the archiving program.
All those tasks related to paperless documents, their workflow procedures are automated with the Docsuite archiving program, and through the employee task management program, you will be able to define the tasks of each employee and record them in his file stored within the electronic archiving system for easy tracking and review, as well as sending any updates related to those tasks through the system Incoming and outgoing internal correspondence.
Also, through the Docsuite electronic archiving system, you will be able to issue all reports related to the incoming and outgoing program, the task management program for employees, and all other data, and use the analysis system of the program to analyze the data of those reports to help make the right decisions, develop work, solve various obstacles and problems, and save these reports later after their approval. By electronic signature in the electronic archiving system.

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