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What is point of sale (pos) software
It is the cash register of your business, and it is used in offices or commercial locations where goods and services are sold to customers.
The software is not only used by retail outlets but can be used by online stores using a number of advanced tools.
In the point of sale software, you can record all your customer sales transactions using the computer, you can also enter the goods and services you sell, their price and the quantity sold on your device and the program makes a total calculation
The costs, including taxes, are presented to you, and the program also tells you if you need to return the rest of the amount to the customer.
The program also records every sale you make, and the program also simplifies other tasks such as calculating the total sales for the current day or the total sales tax that was calculated on the goods sold, or the number of times an item was sold during a certain period of time, so the program Its POS capabilities go beyond just being a cash register.
What are the common features of point of sale software?
Many of the current POS programs are integrated tools designed to manage a variety of related tasks, so the program has many advantages for managing many tasks such as: accounts receivable, accounts payable,
Inventory Control, Automated Purchase Order Creation, Customer Tracking and Automated Price Updates Follow up, Payroll, Bar Code Scanning, General Ledger, and EDI (electronic ordering).

POS software can bring a lot of benefits to your business, such as increasing sales, increasing savings, enhancing productivity, and getting detailed information on sales status and performance.

The most important POS software
Fikra Accounting Program
This software is used in shops, companies, supermarkets, shoe stores, electrical stores, pharmacies and all kinds of small and large projects.
Fekra Pos program facilitates the management of points of sale and purchase, as well as cashiers within medium and large shops and supermarkets.
The program is designed to work on business management because of its flexibility. It is also characterized by defining several prices and barcodes for a single item.
In addition to defining many types of invoices that meet all the commercial operations that the user may encounter from buying, selling and return, the invoices also contain a method of payment, whether cash or deferred.
Program Advantages
- The program issues and prints sales invoices in a quick time.
- Inventory of warehouses with barcodes in the shortest time.
- It records the assets and the value of the capital and deducting the lost ones.
The program calculates the value added tax.
- Manages the accounts, sales and purchases departments.
- It links the branches on a single database.
- Created a lot of reports to follow up the progress of work.
- Provides protection against tampering with account and billing operations for cashier employees.
Supporting bank loans account as well as installments.
It is one of the best POS software designed to cater to the needs of restaurants, bars, cafes, eating places and more. It is hosted in the cloud, specifically targeting iOS users who are interested in serving customers on the spot, and benefiting from previous users of the program from experienced restaurant managers.
With this software you can manage table orders, floor plans and schedules, process mobile payments, direct and schedule employees, create menus, and manage inventory right from your iPad. Plus, you can access reports and analytics in the cloud from anywhere, anytime.

It is one of the best POS systems designed for iPad and used by retail companies to manage inventory, sales and customers at an affordable cost.
Vend is designed to be compatible with systems and equipment such as cash drawers, barcode scanners, and receipt printers. It is a reliable POS software for small business, and it can run on a web browser on PC, Mac, Android, and iPad. Users can easily download the iPad POS app from the Apple Store
Vend is flexible and can be customized to support data entry using the touch screen or keyboard and mouse. In addition, the POS screen can be optimized to enable access to frequently used operations or items.

This software is simple and has free customer support, and through this point of sale software, it can scan bar codes and accept cash or credit card payments and print or email receipts to customers.
An easy-to-use software specially designed for small and medium businesses, it can efficiently handle all your operations due to its integrated toolkit that manages your business in terms of employees, customers and service providers.
The program saves countless resources due to the presence of the automation capabilities of the program that ensure that you get accurate results without errors.
The software can be adapted to the growth of your business, and it supports desktop and mobile devices allowing the user to have complete control over the business processes.
There is no doubt that with the development, the presence of a point of sale program for your business has become a necessity to follow up all your accounting matters. You can choose the most appropriate and best for you

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