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Real Estate Management System is a program designed to automate and streamline key business processes in real estate management

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Best Real Estate Management System - Fekrait Software
Best Real Estate Management System - Fekrait Software

The real estate management system helps property managers streamline their rental processes from listing their properties on leading industry websites, Capture potential customers and even sign the lease, the real estate management system can help you attract, inspect and manage tenants, In addition to responding to their maintenance needs and accounting for all associated costs and revenues, and for more information on the importance of this system, read on.


Real Estate Management System


Why do you need a real estate management system?


The real estate management system has become one of the best innovative solutions, offering multiple technical improvements and unprecedented functions as the world moves to a digital model. These are some of the biggest trends offered by the best full and excellent real estate and accounting software:


The Rise of Automation


The real estate management system automates recurring tasks such as posting vacant properties, preparing invoices or responses to tenants. Payment reminders, tax notices, maintenance alerts and other administrative procedures are easy to implement and require minimal human assistance.


Application Integration Processes


Real Estate Management System additions and accessories increase the core functions of the real estate management tool (for example, instant contact between landlord and tenant).


Data storage and protection


The real estate management system ensures maximum security, especially since the most convenient access to data is through a web-based system rather than a local system.


Verification tools


Instead of relying solely on manual verifications, the real estate management system offers digital verification of tenants through social and public knowledge.


Property Management Analyses


The real estate management system offers a deeper insight into how landlord rental properties perform and how best to improve tenant retention or property preferences.


Customer Support


Through the real estate management system you can integrate your solution with automated chat software or virtual assistants to provide your guest with excellent support anytime, anywhere.


Accelerating business and accounting processes


The real estate management system accelerates business processes by reducing third-party tools so that you can better consolidate management and increase its efficiency, and also facilitates accounting, reporting and communication, all the necessary information can be found in the owner's portal.


Virtual tours and rentals


Potential tenants through the real estate management system can search for the property on real estate platforms, and landlords can facilitate the virtual inspection/presentation of the property to ensure that tenants act quickly and efficiently if they need the property.


Best Real Estate Management System Features from Fekrait Software


Choosing the best real estate management system can help you manage tenants and stay informed about rent collection. In this regard, we suggest the advantages of the best real estate management system from Fekrait Software:


1. Tracking work orders for maintenance:


Fekrait Real Estate Management System is a cloud-based real estate management software that enables residential property managers and associations to manage rental leasing, rental applications, leaseholder screening, online rent payment, vacancy management, maintenance and accounting cycles.

A real estate program from our organization allows you to post custom real estate lists on popular websites. We could add unit details, property information and amenity features to each of your property lists. The best real estate management system helps you create customized section rental apps that suit your requirements. The software dashboard reflects the status of the app and allows you to add or manually modify it.


2. Reliable financial management:


Fekrait Real Estate Management System is a leading real estate management platform rental property ", where investors and managers were able to improve the performance of their rental properties, a comprehensive solution that streamlined the rental property management business and common features of the platform include smart money management with full e-invoice support from Zakat and VAT, Track automated income and expenses, scan receipts, owner's banking services and prepare personal financial reports, in addition.

Real Estate Management users can access multiple financial management tools and get personalized recommendations and alerts to help increase revenue, and real-time insights and intuitive features help you automatically classify income and expenses to facilitate reporting and tax preparation.


The best real estate management system, also allows:


  • Track online income and expenses in real time, as well as a paper record for audit purposes.
  • Unlimited financial reports, such as income data and balance sheet at real estate and portfolio level.
  • Export-ready and export-able financial statements that simplify the submission of documents at tax time
  • Scan bills and receipts to track on-the-go expenses using iOS and Android smartphone apps


3. Best to manage tenants:


The best real estate management system from Fekrait Software Foundation facilitates communication with tenants using the messaging app, mobile app, proprietary message board and email. Our integrated property management software, leasing and real estate offers from our organization, provides an intuitive and scalable user interface, and can:


  • Applicants' and tenants' management, marketing and finance
  • Perfect management for small landlords who run rental residential properties and tenants
  • Integrates with many applications
  • Great and customizable reporting features with export ability to Excel or PDF


4. Bookings and Business Management:


The best real estate management system from Fekrait Software Foundation, is a comprehensive property management system that combines booking and business management functions. Its simplified operations make it well suited to hotels, B & Bs, hostels and holiday rentals. The real estate rental and accounts management program offers a dual function of managing bookings and operations efficiently that helps both front office and back office roles, which distinguishes it from the rest.

The best real estate management system focuses on providing an integrated solution, online, website platforms, POS systems and more, further streamlining processes. The best real estate management system also includes social media features, providing companies with the ability to manage and control their social media presence directly from the system.




The real estate management system is the first digital solution for all landlords and property managers, it addresses the need for a full and round response to the basic property management needs, it helps streamline their business, and build excellent relationships with their customers.


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