The importance of accounting software for companies and commercial activities

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Accounting software is a category of computer software that enables you to manage the financial transactions of your business

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The importance of accounting software for companies and commercial activities
The importance of accounting software for companies and commercial activities
The Corporate and Business Accountancy Program helps track accounts receivable and accounts credited, Getting a clear understanding of their profitability, and preparing for the tax season, where, for example, small businesses can often use ready-made accounting programs without the need for universal allocation As the business grows, the accounting needs of companies become more complex, A dedicated ERP system is often needed.
What is the importance of corporate accounting programmes and business activities? Answer the question in the sequel of the article.
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Definition of Accounting Program 

It is a computerized program through which companies collect their financial information in a computer system. It also deals with the basic aspects of accounting with a view to accelerating calculations related to finance, accounting, inventory, salaries, suppliers, customers, etc., as well as compliance with the provisions of the law established by governments to pay taxes.

Mechanism of work of accounting programmes 

Accounting programs assess and take care of the financial status of the business, for example the ERP cloud program from Fekrait Software, which digitally manages your business based on modern technology in planning and managing daily business activities starting from accounting and follow-up work cycle. It also oversees:

1. Your Accounts:

Account care is the main task of accounting software, it takes care of payment accounts and debtors, helps you in dealing with banks, shows you all expenses, revenues, liabilities and assets within a specified time frame.

2. Invoices:

Invoices are another key financial part of the business, accounting software helps you provide invoices to customers and prepare the invoice for them.

3. Sales tracking:

Accounting software allows you to track the system total sales.

4. Payroll management:

Accounting programs can also manage employees, taking over their salaries, wages, bonuses and all financial compensation.

5. Inventory Management:

Inventory management is very necessary for business, with this solution applied through accounting software improves inventory management status.

6. Budgetary assistance:

Accounting software analyzes existing documents and compares them with previous documents, as a complement to a new budget.

The importance of corporate accounting programs and business activities 

The accounting software "fekrait" for accounting, inventory management and POS, has a very important set of features and features in business success for companies and business activities, these are the most prominent benefits:

Improved accounting accuracy

The advantages of accounting software include increasing accuracy by reducing or removing human errors in the calculation, while manual bookkeeping processes involve conducting a lot of calculations manually, hence the likelihood of calculation errors that may harm the company, while computers are virtually unable to make such errors, if the data is entered properly.

Fast delivery and increased efficiency

The use of accounting software allows companies to process their calculations more quickly than manual processing, part of which comes from the use of computers capable of processing numbers much faster than the human brain.
In addition, accounting software allows enterprises to increase efficiency by introducing automation, suppose, for example, that the company needs to register sales tax on all its transactions, the accounting software can be configured to do this for each entry automatically, rather than having the employee work at the tax account at length.

Total reduced costs

The benefits resulting from the speed and efficiency of accounting programs often go hand in hand with lower overall costs, using an accounting program allows each member of the accounting team to do more at a given time, meaning that a smaller team is generally needed.
This in turn, can reduce payroll and administrative costs for the accounting department, however, these savings must always be balanced against the cost of the program itself and any additional devices required to operate it.

Submit accurate reports

Accounting programs help companies provide the necessary employees with accurate and timely financial information For example, he assumed that the company's chief financial officer needed a cash flow report to attend a meeting within two hours. In this case, many accounting software systems have built-in reporting modules that enable users to create this type of report simply by filling out a form or clicking on a button, This is what you find in the "fekrait" software for accounting, inventory management and POS.

Reduce frustration with tax deposit

Delivering your business taxes can be a complex process, requiring you to keep a close track of all your business transactions, the advantages of accounting software include facilitating this process by making sure all your business financial details are in one place.

Synchronization of accounts

The accounting software reduces the amount of time spent entering data by allowing users to sync their commercial bank accounts and credit cards with the program, once synchronized, transactions will flow to the accounting program, where they can be classified into different accounts.

Fewer errors when integrating information

Mistakes at the time of incorporating a lot of financial information are quite normal. More than happens manually, accounts, additions and subtractions can perform to many errors, and the error in your financial accounts can be devastating for your company But automation in this process in the use of accounting programs provides perfect work and accuracy when creating honest reports for management, Where there is no possibility to make such a mistake, you can adopt our accounting services in an Idea Software enterprise through accurate, effective and error-free accounting software.


Some aspects have been taken into account by companies if they decide to use accounting programs in their operations, namely:


If the company decides to install an accounting software on its servers, it must take into account that it involves a cost to pay for its use, this cost is associated with the installation of the software, technical support, licensing its use, maintenance and update, among others.


When choosing a company's accounting software must be obtained according to the company's requirements, because otherwise it can be counterproductive for a business organization that is manifested in the waste of resources, here we invite you to save time and effort in searching for a program that is compatible with your company's characteristics and needs, and to choose an "fekrait" software for accounting, inventory management and POS.


While most accounting programs are easy to use, there is a need for a general understanding of accounting principles to ensure that financial reporting is properly prepared, For this reason, many companies hire accountants or accountants to maintain or review their books, But cloud-based online accounting software makes it convenient for companies to access their files at the same time as an account clerk or accountant.

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