Online corporate sales tax calculator

Sales tax is a type of tax applied on the sale of certain products and services

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Online corporate sales tax calculator
Different countries deal differently with sales tax but the same concept applies everywhere. It is based on the actual price of products collected by sellers. Not all types of products have sales taxes. In fact, each company has to follow a list of taxable goods in order to abide by the law. How if the sales tax is calculated for online companies? Read on to find out the answer.

Concept of sales tax 

Sales tax generally applies to the sale to the end user or end consumer, and is defined as a tax on the sale, transfer or exchange of a taxable commodity or service, and generally the sales tax is added to the sale price and is charged to the buyer.
Sales tax can also be defined as indirect tax and is charged when buying or exchanging certain taxable goods, it is also charged as a percentage of the value of the product, the sales tax depends on the government in the authority and the individual policies it applies.
Online corporate sales tax calculator

Types of sales tax

The concept of sales tax may vary according to Governments' governing principles, but there are some global sales taxes generally applied in most countries, conscious:
  • Retail sales tax: The tax on the sale of retail goods is paid directly by the end consumer.
  • Manufacturers' sales tax: This tax is levied on manufacturers of certain goods.
  • Wholesale sales tax: This tax is levied on individuals dealing with wholesale distribution/sale of manufactured goods.
  • Use tax: A consumer tax for goods purchased without sales tax (generally from sellers who are not subject to tax jurisdiction).
  • VAT: An additional tax imposed by certain governments on all sales.

How does sales tax work? 

Sales tax depends on a percentage of the sale price, where countries charge a certain percentage of the cost of your product or service as a sales tax, so you can determine that amount by calculating that percentage of the product price, then add that amount to the product price (plus any additional charges that may apply), and you will get the true cost of the item.

Sales tax formula 

The sales tax formula is a simple algebraic formula that involves converting the percentage into a decimal number, then using the decimal mark as a multiplier over the cost of the item to obtain the final sales tax amount.
When written, the equation appears to be:
Sales tax rate = sales tax ratio/100
Sales tax = price list × sales tax rate
Also the formula used to calculate sales tax is very simple:
Product Price + Sales Tax Rate (%) for State/City
If the tax rate is a percentage, drop the percentage mark and split the tax amount by 100 to get the decimal digits of the tax rate, or you can move the decimal mark two places to the left, putting 0 in front of the percentage of the sales tax.
Sales tax becomes 10.00% .010, then multiply the item price by the decimal number to get the tax amount, then add the sales tax number to the goods price to see the final price.


The Importance of Corporate Sales Tax Calculator

The role of the sales tax calculator is to provide you with the real value you will pay at checkout based on product price, sales tax for your region, and you are supposed to do all the calculations for you in an easy and fast way.
There are several types of sales tax computers available, mostly mobile and web applications, the most useful of which are those that do not require any software installation by the user.

Steps to Collect Corporate Sales Tax Online

As an employer it is necessary to collect sales tax with each purchase, here we invite you to learn about the steps of collecting sales tax, which are as follows:

1. Identify the customers you should account for

Today's world depends on the Internet where many companies sell online to people who may live in other areas and here it is important to know who to hold accountable, in general you must collect sales tax in any area where there is a link to sales tax, Having a sales tax link in an area means having a large commercial presence. However, you may also have a link to sales tax in other areas if you have a website or sell at a trade show, or you had employees there.

2. Get an explanation on how much sales tax to collect

Remember that the amount of sales tax you need to collect varies according to exactly where you live and what you sell, so it is necessary to stay informed about your local sales tax laws, things may be a little different in your city or county than in the rest of the regions,.

3. Registration for State Tax Permit

Once you know where you consider you have a link to the sales tax, you'll need to register for a sales tax permit (or sales tax license) in those areas, and it's important not to skip that step, you also need to make sure you do so before you actually start collecting the sales tax.

4. Understanding how to collect sales tax

Collecting sales tax is relatively simple if you run a business in the online digital age, as many of today's most popular online shopping cart options have built-in features that take care of it on your behalf.
However, collecting taxes across additional ecommerce platforms - such as Amazon, Magento, Shopify and eBay, to name a few - is still relatively simple, especially if you're taking advantage of the right tools to help.

5. Your Area Sales Tax File

When you apply for your tax license, the applicable state will set an ID number and repetition for deposit, the frequency assigned to you can be monthly, annually, quarterly or anything else altogether, and when you are ready, you can file an online sales tax, by mail or by phone in most cases.
Make sure you file even if you have not already collected taxes within a certain period, as this is necessary to maintain your tax license.


Learning how to calculate sales tax is not necessarily difficult, as with many other aspects of everyday life, it is better to be able to automate this process and find out the real price we will pay when going out with an interactive calculator.

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