Benefits of secure document archiving

Document storage and records management is an essential part of many businesses and organizations

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Benefits of secure document archiving
Document storage and records management is an essential part of many businesses and organizations, allowing them to access vital information at any time. Tracking all documents securely in one organized system helps ensure data is accurate and available whenever needed.
It also keeps companies up to date on regulations, such as privacy and tax laws so they remain compliant. Choosing professional document storage and records management services provides organizations with an added level of security while ensuring continued efficient operations. This way, they can trust that their documents are in safe hands and fully accessible by the right people when needed.
Two main types of document storage can occur in a company: document management and records management. Document management is your organization's process for capturing, storing, and tracking documents. Records management is the management and supervision of records, which are evidence of events, correspondence and contracts.
“Many industries have specific requirements for storing and processing sensitive information, and secure document storage can help companies meet these requirements and protect against legal risks.”
Benefits of secure document archiving
Benefits of archiving digital documents  for businesses:
1. Enhance regulatory compliance
Knowing what records to keep and how long to keep them is essential for legal and regulatory compliance. A document storage service protects and manages your records during their retention period. You receive a comprehensive audit trail of your storage, retrieval and final disposal activities.
2. Improving information access and retrieval
You spend countless hours searching and retrieving documents. A record storage service simplifies the document retrieval process. Records management specialists hand-deliver your records or send them directly to your computer using an on-demand scanning solution.
3. Cost savings
Dedicating square footage in your office to hold documents is expensive. Fortunately, with a document storage service, your paper records are stored without breaking your budget. The cost per square foot of a records center is much lower than commercial office space and you only pay for each cardboard box you store. When a document reaches its final disposal date, it is destroyed, and storage fees are reduced.
4. Simplified tracking of records
Keeping track of documents is a challenge. A record storage service provides convenience by organizing and managing your documents. Your records are barcoded and tracked using an advanced inventory management system. The secure web portal allows you to see your records inventory and monitor who has the file and where.
5. Prevent breach of privacy
Our log storage service is designed to protect personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). Access to the Records Center is limited to background-screened and certified records management professionals. Only pre-authorized individuals in your organization can request records from your provider. Files are delivered in a GPS-tracked vehicle by uniformed specialists.
6. Disaster protection
Natural disasters may be impossible to predict, but archiving your files with a trusted partner keeps your records safe. There is no safer place to store your records than the Records Center. It is designed to resist earthquakes, fires and floods. Your documents are stored on solid steel shelves with cross beams bolted to the floor. Dedicated sprinklers are used inside the rack to reduce fire risks.
Secure document archiving is a way to immortalize your documentary legacy and make it easier to use in your daily business management. Thus, easy and quick access to customer files allows you to ensure optimal processing of their orders.

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