Benefits of secure document archiving

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Secure document archiving is an invaluable asset for companies that do better for the enterprise

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Benefits of secure document archiving
Benefits of secure document archiving
Document archiving and records management is an essential part of many companies and institutions vital information ", giving them access to vital information at any time, Tracking all documents securely in a single organized system helps ensure accuracy and availability of data whenever necessary and keeps companies up to date with regulations, such as privacy laws and taxes, so that they remain committed to Not only that, but the benefits of other secure documents we recognize in the rest of the article.
secure document archiving

What is document archiving? 

Document archiving provides a structured way to sort and store old files that are no longer required for your company's day-to-day operations information is still important, or may also contain confidential or private information that is still needed whether as reference, audit or even evidence of a lawsuit, Archiving documents ensures you have access to old data you may need in the future and improve records management whether you have computer files or paper documents.
Choosing secure document archiving and records management services for organizations provides an additional level of security while ensuring that operations continue to be efficient, in this way, they can trust that their documents are in safe hands and can be fully accessed by the right people when needed.
Two main types of document archiving can occur in a company: document management and records management, where document management is your organization's process for capturing, storing and tracking documents, while records management is records management and supervision, which is considered evidence of events, correspondence and contracts.

Benefits of secured document archiving 

Secure document archiving has a lot of advantages, some of which we referred to at the beginning. Here are some of the benefits of secure document archiving:

1. Promoting regulatory compliance

Knowing which records to keep and how long to keep are necessary for legal and regulatory compliance, the document archiving service protects and manages your records during the period of retention, through which you receive a comprehensive audit course for your storage, retrieval and final disposal activities.

2. Improved access to and retrieval of information

You spend countless hours searching for and retrieving documents, while the document archiving service simplifies the document retrieval process, whereby records management professionals hand-deliver your records, or send them directly to your computer using an on-demand scan solution.

3. Cost savings

Allocating square foot space in your office to accommodate documents is expensive, fortunately, with document archiving, your paper records are stored without breaking your budget, the cost of a square foot in the records center is much less than the business office space and you only pay for each carton box you store, and when the document reaches the final disposal date, it is destroyed, and storage fees decrease.

4. Simplified record tracking

Document tracking is a challenge, the document archiving service provides convenience by organizing and managing your documents, where your records are barcoded and tracked using an advanced inventory management system, and a secure web portal allows you to see your records inventory and monitor who has the file and where it is.

5. Preventing breach of privacy

Document archiving service is designed to protect personal identification information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), where access to the Records Center is limited to background checked and accredited records management professionals. Only pre-authorized individuals in your organization can request records from your provider, and files are delivered in a GPS tracking vehicle by uniformed specialists.

6. Invoice Protection 

Document archiving platforms can be used to create and store digital invoices automatically using customized templates, these platforms can also be combined with your CRM or accounting software to automatically send invoices to customers, eliminating delays and errors associated with manually creating or mailing invoices.
Invoices can be shared securely directly from the platform as a link in an email, rather than an email facility, allowing you to manage who can access the invoice and when.

7. Email Protection

When you send a document as an email attachment, you lose the ability to control and monitor who accesses it, where the recipient can download, store and redirect the document, and when you use secure document archiving, you can send access links that transfer the recipient to the document in the platform, rather than attach it to email.
This allows you to protect the document with a password, determine the period during which the document can be accessed, find out who accessed it and when, thereby enhancing the security of your data and allowing you to implement very specific access control policies that suit your needs as an enterprise, reducing the likelihood of data breach and ensuring compliance with regulatory or industrial privacy standards.

8. Easy document retrieval 

Thanks to the Document Management System (DMS), enterprises can leverage the latest technology through smart workflow integration processes to convert paper and work anywhere. It will help companies simplify the document archiving and retrieval process, as it can store documents and emails from Outlook and transfer business data to other ERP applications.

Steps to implement secure document archiving 

Enterprises need to follow some steps in order to properly archive and maintain documents, and of course, this can be a significant investment for business, of which we mention 3 important steps:

Preliminary assessment

The processes involved in your current document system must be determined, so that you know how each record is produced, received, processed, stored and disposed of. This step also consists of inventory of existing records to quantify, and classify all documents by function.

Setting goals and roles

You must set document archiving targets and define organizational roles, by explicitly prioritizing the organization's goals to keep digital archiving efforts on track.

Implementation of the retention schedule

Once the first two steps have been completed, it is time to set a timetable to retain its own working documents, it is also recommended to appoint an authorized person to sort all official documents, ensure safe transportation, destruction and subsequent disposal of unnecessary documents.


Secure document archiving is a way to immortalize your documentary heritage and facilitate its use in the management of your day-to-day business. Therefore, easy and fast access to customer files allows you to ensure optimal processing of their requests. Many industries have specific requirements for the storage and processing of sensitive information. Safe document archiving can help companies meet these requirements and protect against legal risks.

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