Advantages of Corporate Content Management System from Fekrait Software

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application used to manage corporate content allowing multiple contributors to create, edit and publish

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Advantages of Corporate Content Management System from Fekrait Software
A content management system is an application used to manage corporate content, allowing multiple contributors to create, edit, and publish. Content in a CMS is usually stored in a database and displayed in a presentation layer based on a set of templates like a website.
Advantages of Corporate Content Management System from Fekrait Software
Here are the common functions of a content management system:

Manage multiple markets

For companies with multiple products or markets, managing and publishing content to multiple sites can often be tedious, and can lead to inconsistency across the brand. With a corporate content management system, your organization has a centralized source of content published on multiple sites simultaneously. Publishing to and maintaining brand integrity across multiple locations as your business grows in size and complexity becomes easy when you take advantage of a content management system solution.

Easy to share content

Content promotion is an important part of any content strategy and the use of content management software can greatly facilitate content sharing.
Without a CMS, each post would have to be shared manually on every social media platform. Content management software enables teams to automatically share each new piece of content with all of their audiences across every platform.

Content updates:

Content updates are pretty routine and an important part of maintaining rankings in Google search results. With content management software, users can manage content in real time and update content without the need for developers.

Post optimization:

Customer engagement is an issue that many content teams face. Without engaged readers, metrics like bounce rate, session duration, etc. will be negatively affected. This can directly lead to lower conversions and sales for the content on the site. Content management software enables content teams to see how effectively their content is engaging readers and converting them into leads and customers.

The corporate content management system also allows:

  • Content Creation Users easily create and format content
  • Store content in one place, in a consistent manner
  • Workflows assign permissions to manage content based on roles such as authors, editors, and administrators
  • Publish tells the program when and where the content should be broadcast
  • The system helps you improve your digital experience and learn from your content

What does corporate content management offer from fekrait Software?

The corporate content management system from fekrait Software helps you to:
  • Simplify your authoring process
  • Update your website remotely, when needed
  • Ensure consistency in the appearance and "look and feel" of the website
  • Customize your website to meet your exact business needs
  • Using non-technical personnel to perform updates, even though they may need basic training
  • Reduce website maintenance costs
  • Eliminates the need for web developers or webmasters for simple content updates
  • Integrate your website with other business applications, such as customer relations and asset management systems
  • Store archived content, either for future use or reference
  • Use dynamic marketing to improve sales or user satisfaction
  • Optimize your website and content for search engines or mobile use

Advantages of corporate content management system from fekrait Software Foundation

There are many advantages to using content management systems. These are not limited to websites with dynamic, interactive or regularly changing content.
Compared to static HTML sites, the main benefits of our  include:
  • Ease of use
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy maintenance including updates
  • Cost-effectiveness, especially with off-the-shelf, open source, or free software solutions
  • Extendable functionality, through a large number of plugins and extensions
  • SEO friendly features
  • Developer and community support


Enterprise content management software helps create, manage, and edit content on a website without the need for technical knowledge.
Content management software allows non-technical users to easily create, edit, and publish content without the need for technical work. Additionally, content management software provides content teams with all the backend infrastructures to perform content creation, storage, and deployment at scale.

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