Advantages of furniture store management software from fekrait Software

Furniture management software helps automate business processes resulting in improved accuracy, reduced waste and a natural improvement of cash flow

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Advantages of furniture store management software from fekrait Software
Advantages of furniture store management software from Fekra Software
This improves the flow of furniture and reduces natural waste to the outside. Furniture retailers, on the other hand, handle a large number of commercial trade, regardless of whether you specialize in boutique or mass-market furniture. To also be able to welcome.
It is almost impossible to achieve customer satisfaction and complete product compliance without the help of a professional furniture management system.

 management software from fekrait Software

What is furniture store management software?
Furniture Store Software is a system that provides a set of software systems and tools for furniture stores, furniture dealers and home furnishing companies. Furniture store software offers features such as Point of Sale (POS), Inventory Management, E-Commerce, Retail Management, Product & Component Photographer, Accounting, and more.

Unique features of furniture store management software

Inventory Management
Furniture management software will help you assess and control your inventory, as well as decide if you need to speed up or slow down. It will also help in studying the data generated from it in order to make informed decisions.
Express billing
The daily increase in the number of furniture stores leads to an increase in competition between them. To differentiate yourself from the competition, having a positive customer experience while using a furniture store POS software that allows quick invoicing will go a long way, so the furniture store management software's ability to issue invoices easily and efficiently while preventing errors is a unique advantage.
Awareness of directions for use
Trends in the market are constantly changing due to fashion or seasonal shifts. Therefore, it is imperative that furniture retailers keep a close eye on these changes so that their business can avoid having products that are in low demand in the market. Furniture store management software allows managers to notice trends in products and lets you know seasonality: items, purchasing software, management, furniture inventory.
Reports and analytics
The furniture store POS will help you to generate reports and give an outline of the cash position and the condition of the items in the store. Through an investigation you can survey the condition of your store and take appropriate action to remedy any defects.
As a furniture store, you can set up promotions, discounts, and events to attract customers. Using furniture store point of sale software will help you in handling discounts, making invoices and updating records as well.

What does the idea system for managing furniture stores provide to its customers?
Fikra Software always takes care of facilitating work for its customers in all fields by providing programs and digital systems that enable the development of projects and products. Including helping to run your own furniture store. and that is through:
Quick and easy point of sale software
Our easy-to-use quick point of sale software makes it easy for anyone to operate. With a five-step process, it gives you clear steps to creating a sale with your customer. Our intuitive POS is touch friendly, works on any device, and has digital signature enrollment capability. Our software allows you to check stock availability, create customizable products, collect customer details, manage exchanges and refunds, sell and sell products, and create a sale from start to finish.

Multi-store functionality
Inventory software and a proprietary retail POS system are designed to make managing multiple stores easy. Whether you have a single store or hundreds of stores, you can manage your entire inventory in one place, check stock availability across all stores, automate processes, view and control inventory across different stores, and move inventory from one store to another.
Custom made products
Our retail point of sale system allows you to create customizable products to order for customers. It makes it easy to customize products, choosing different colors, fabrics, sizes and styles. You can also create a product quickly by creating a product from scratch.
Selling online
Customers now expect you to sell furniture online as well as in store. Manage both your online store and your retail store in one place. Manage inventory control on both channels and upload product images and descriptions to your website with the click of a button.
Delivery routing and scheduling
Determine the delivery date of delivery. When you start creating an order, the system will automatically sequence your orders for areas, routes, and job schedules. You can also resume and browse your reservation, and complete it.
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