Manage your company's resources through the fekrait Software platform

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Manage your company's resources through the fekrait Software platform
Manage your company's resources through the fekrait Software platform
Resources are essential to reaching your goal, whether it is completing a task or project or helping you analyze what is necessary to do so. Resources are financial resources, personnel, physical space, equipment, technology, and time. The goal of resource management is to use the best combination of resources to meet requirements while realizing those same resources are likely to be required elsewhere in the business.
Resource management is critical for organizations to ensure that they optimize resources and allocate them to the right initiatives - initiatives that align with corporate strategy and generate the most value. By reducing waste and duplication, streamlining and automating processes, and increasing and accelerating productivity, an organization is better positioned to respond quickly to customer requests and be agile to change. Program and project delivery requires better resource management.
Manage your company's resources through the fekrait Software platform

What is resource management?

Resource management is the practice of planning, scheduling, and allocating resources for a project or programme. The primary objective of resource management is to use the available resources most effectively to achieve the most significant organizational value.
In short, resource management ensures that you have the right resources available at the right time for the right job.
A resource is anything required to complete a task or project. Resources include people, money, time, utilities, consumables, materials, equipment, tools, and technology.
Resource management gives you an overview of the demand, capacity, and skills required for a particular job versus the available skills. This is critical for project managers because they can optimize and allocate resources to initiatives that align with the company's strategy and generate the most value.

How does fekrait Software platform help you manage your company's resources?


1. Deliver projects on time

Efficient resource management helps companies from fekrait Software platform to deliver projects on time in a more consistent manner.

2. Cost Saved

Effective use of organized resources helps reduce waste and ensure maximum utilization of resources. Assigning the right resource to the right project enables projects to be delivered on time and on budget. Resource management from the Fikra Software platform also allows managers to distribute essential resources across all projects rather than just high-priority projects, thus controlling costs.

3. Optimized work flows

Resource management from fekrait Software platform allows you to have better visual work flows that ensure efficient use of each resource, which further improves workflow, and thus improves productivity.

4. Timesheets to track team work

Timesheets are an excellent feature for automatically generating resource progress updates. It enables team members to quickly and accurately log their hours, enabling managers to see where time is spent. Time tracking streamlines the process and allows managers to forecast project schedules and deliverables more accurately, and this is what we offer at fekrait Software.

5. Live data collection

Through our platform an online resource planning tool that collects live data can help project managers make better decisions. We also provide project updates as they occur. Live updates help all stakeholders stay on top of things.

6. Multiple project management

If you have more than one project you're managing at once, a tool that aggregates all of your projects in one place is perfect. We offer you a tool that can map, track and report on all your projects. This allows you to stay on top of everything and ensures more efficiency.

7. Easy and flexible reports

The reporting capabilities of the fekrait Software platform allow managers to gain insights about managing their resources effectively. In addition, managers can easily share these reports with stakeholders for future decision making.

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