What is retail trade.. and how can we help you, in Fekra Software, to manage your trade?

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Retail trade is a business that involves selling goods and finished products to consumers

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What is retail trade.. and how can we help you, in Fekra Software, to manage your trade?
What is retail trade.. and how can we help you, in Fekra Software, to manage your trade?
Retail trading is the last step in the distribution channel whereby all goods pass through the distribution channel to make the journey from the manufacturer to the end consumer, An important element of this mechanism is retail trade retailing sector includes all shops and stores selling goods to shoppers, i.e. end consumers trade ", let us see the role that retail trade plays and its importance to the economy.

What is retail trade and its importance?

Retail trade is the business associated with selling goods to the end consumer, or the end customer, it is the link between wholesalers or manufacturers and product customers, usually retailers sell goods in small quantities to consumers for personal use, not for resale or commercial use, and retail trade consists of selling goods in the case where it was purchased (or after minor shifts), retail business activity may include delivery and installation in the customer's home (e.g. furniture or household appliances).
Retail trade provides a vital link between businesses and consumers in today's economy And this is because it has an important role to play in promoting economic growth while providing consumers with access to a wide range of goods and services around the world, In addition, this business model has been adapted to consumer habits as well as technological advances, Retail business has contributed to the growth of the e-commerce industry and improved customer experience in online and offline retail channels.

Types of Retail Trade 

The types of retail business are varied, and each type of store has its own set of challenges and opportunities. The following are the most prominent types of retail business:

1. Supermarkets

Supermarkets usually have a wide range of products on offer From homeware to children's toys, large retailers often store products from their own collection and goods from other companies under one roof Most supermarkets have been designed with customer experience in mind, A specific stream is supposed to be followed by shoppers, and each department of supermarkets is carefully designed to maximize efficiency.

2. Small shops

These small stores store all the daily necessities of the consumer, from milk to biscuits, the small store is a kind of store that occupies retail trade and is open for long hours and sells a variety of items, such as food, snacks and drinks, and small shops are often located near busy areas, such as bus stops and highway exits.

3. Supermarkets

Supermarkets are large markets that store a large variety of products and focusing primarily on food and household items, these stores are often serial companies with actual locations across the country and sometimes around the world supermarkets are usually found in high traffic areas, Like busy city streets or major highways, similarly, groceries are also large retail stores selling food and household products.

4. Specialized Stores

This type of retail trade focuses on offering consumers a particular type or category of product that they specialize in, for example, a store that offers a selection of women's clothing is considered a specialized retailer due to the breadth of products offered to consumers, called specialized stores because it can offer a higher level of experience in the products you sell. It also typically carries a wide range of products compared to department stores, and because this type of retail trade focuses on a particular type of product, such as gift shops, it can offer customers a more personalized shopping experience by designing the item to create the perfect gift.

5. General merchandise stores

General merchandise stores are a type of retail store that sells a wide range of items, they usually carry food and non-food items, they often have a wide range of goods, public merchandise stores can be found in both urban and rural areas, and vary in size from small to large stores.

Retail trade and its relationship to electronic commerce

Retail marketing reinvents itself by using new technologies as a communication tool for brands and retailers, and in order to cope with market changes and consumer expectations, e-commerce has had to adapt rapidly, for good reason, consumers have more orders in terms of buying experience, and they are increasingly used to online consumption.
Customers today use the Internet or their smartphones to learn about products or trade offers, and instead of going to the store, the customer finds all the information they need in non-physical form, i.e. on the web or on different social networking pages.

How do we work in an Fekrait for software to manage your store smoothly?

Fekrait Software provides retailers with the opportunity to leverage their years of experience, working as a business partner to improve key areas including:
  • Marketing/Trading
  • Site Operations
  • Department of Labour
An Fekrait Software Enterprise also offers you before you go into retail business creating a business plan, as this plan will set your business goals and goals, and this will also be helpful, not only this but we have a lot of resources to help you start retail business, and our POS systems can help your business grow.


Retail stores are a critical component of the supply chain as it bridges the gap between manufacturers or wholesalers and end consumers, As noted, the types of retail stores refer to the different categories and classifications in which retail enterprises fall based on their business model, retail product offerings and target customer base These stores can take different forms, including physical locations, pop-up stores or even online storefronts.

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