Your domain name is the permanent address of your website on the Internet

What is the difference between hosting and domain name (domain)?

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Your domain name is the permanent address of your website on the Internet
   What is the difference between hosting and domain name (domain)?
Web hosting is the engine that runs your website. If you don't have a hosting provider, your website simply won't work. On the other hand, your domain name is the permanent address of your website on the Internet - it's how people visit your site.
Your domain name is the permanent address of your website on the Internet
In this guide, we will highlight the differences between a domain name and web hosting:
What is the domain name (domain)?
A domain name is identifying texts that appear as part of your website's address. It depends on the domain extension you used for your website.
You can classify a website using top-level domains. There are over 5,000 types of top-level domains that you can register. This number is constantly growing. For example: .pro, .co, .in, .us, .ca, .
Domain name and website are often confused, however they are two different entities. A domain name is a web address that helps you find a specific website. It is also described as your website name which serves as an address for other people to access your website on the internet.
Domain names are basically divided into two parts separated by a period. The first part is the brand name, which can combine numbers and letters, such as Monster135, while the second part is a domain extension such as .com, .org, .net, .UK, etc.
What is hosting?
A web host is a hosting service on the Internet that allows individuals or companies to provide access to their websites all over the world. Depending on your budget and specifications, many hosting service providers offer various hosting services.
Web hosting is the storage and delivery of the files that make up a website. Website files are hosted on a server that allows the website to be viewed on the Internet. We can think of web hosting as the home page of your website and domain name as the address to get there.
Since web hosting services already host your website, this is the first thing you need, along with a domain name, before it can be built. Every website on the Internet needs web hosting.
What is the difference between web hosting and domain?
The easiest way to understand the difference between the two is to think of them this way:
If the domain name is your home address, then the web hosting is the actual home the address points to.
A domain name is an address forwarding service. You need to type in the address of the website they want to visit. It directly points to the IP address that contains your website.
The main reason to use a domain name instead of IP addresses is that names are easier to remember than long string numbers. An IP address is a string of numbers, such as This IP address indicates the location on the server, which includes your website files.
Therefore, we can say that the domain name refers to your IP address, which points to your website. In this way, users all over the world can easily access your website by typing your website's domain name in their web browser.

How do domain and web hosting work together to build a website?
Domain and web hosting work hand in hand. Imagine that your IP address and domain name act as the address for your website, and your web hosting is the actual home.
Without web hosting, your websites cannot exist on the Internet. The domain name acts as a sync boundary pointing to your web hosting provider.

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