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The catering account management program includes a range of solutions designed to facilitate different aspects of restaurant operations

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Catering Account Management Software - Fekrait Software
Catering Account Management Software - Fekrait Software

Monitoring the bookkeeping process in restaurants is particularly important for restaurants because of their small profit margins, and therefore it is essential to have an effective accounting system for your restaurant so that you can see the success you are seeking, and this is about adopting an effective restaurant account management program that has important accounting advantages, which we recognize in the rest of the article.


The catering account management program


What is the catering account management program?

The Restaurant Account Management Program is a comprehensive digital solution designed to help restaurants manage and improve the different aspects of their operations efficiently. The Restaurant Program refers to any software tools you can use to operate your restaurant more efficiently. This can include a program to help you manage your restaurant order processing, payments, inventory, staffing, daily reconciliation and more.

The Restaurant Account Management Program also includes a range of tools and features that enable restaurateurs, managers and employees to streamline tasks, enhance customer service and improve business performance. In general, some Restaurant Account Management Program solutions include all the tools your restaurant needs to operate. Other solutions focus on specific areas of operations: marketing, booking management, event management, etc.

Functions of Restaurant Account Management Program

Managing a restaurant includes many tasks. A proper catering account management program can help you save time, reduce manual efforts and get a better view of your restaurant operations. This is what the catering management program offers. It includes:

1. POS system

The catering account management software processes orders, invoices and payment transactions, enabling servers to receive orders and send them to the kitchen and calculate invoices accurately.

2. Table management and menu management

The catering account management program allows the management of table bookings, seating appointments and queues, reduces customer waiting times, and facilitates table bookings, queues and pre-coordination. It also allows the customization and updating of lists, including prices and special offers, and supports the ease of adding or removing items to reflect changes in offers.

3. Inventory Control

The catering account management software also allows real-time tracking of component levels and inventory quantities, and alerts employees when supplies fall to prevent shortages or waste.

4. Staff Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The catering account management program facilitates staff scheduling, tracking attendees, evaluating performance, and helps improve staffing levels during peak hours. The catering management system also stores customer profiles, booking history, feedback, collect customer feedback and manage online reviews

Features of the Catering Account Management Program from Fekrait Software:

The Catering Account Management Program from fekrait Software has a range of features that ensure the success of your restaurant. The most prominent of these are:

1. Good inventory management

Restaurants deal with large quantities of inventory and tracking each item can be a real challenge if they don't use software to help, and as we pointed out, one of the most important functions of the restaurant account management program is to monitor inventory, which is supported by the best restaurant management program from fekrait Software.

Inventory monitoring system in the right restaurant account management software works alongside your sales tracking tool Where you can compare your tracked inventory to your actual inventory to see how things go, While inventory controls help you understand the shape of your profit margins and waste It also helps you understand how much stock you need for different shifts, helping you order more efficiently.

2. Facilitation of financial and administrative transactions

Using the Catering Account Management Software enables you to make decisions based on data and take measures that improve financial performance based on reports created by your restaurant's program on sales, expenditure and profits, It also provides a platform for store and restaurant management program, by tracking costs and identifying areas of inefficiency, Take proactive cost control measures, ultimately enhancing your profitability.

The same program managerially facilitates work control and highlighting times of concern and tranquillity and enabling you to have the right staffing levels at the right times, An additional improvement that keeps things running smoothly is the integration with the restaurant maintenance program project, which helps to identify potential equipment problems, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing downtime.


3. Successful marketing and improved customer experience


The Catering Account Management Program operates from fekrait Software, and is in a clear integration framework with the Customer Relations Program (CRM), provides an amazing view of customers' preferences, by capturing data every time they book or eat, you can also through the best program for restaurants and cafés identify their preferences so you can produce appropriate and timely marketing emails that you know will achieve the goal.

Improving the customer experience is also a great commercial benefit offered by the Restaurant Account Management Software System. By integrating various functions that deal with customers, such as online booking, personal order options and seamless communication, the system enhances every step of the customer's journey, enabling restaurants to provide a simpler and more efficient service, reducing waiting times and enhancing the accuracy of the order.


4. Easy access and simplified operations


Catering management needs a user-friendly and scalable catering account management program to suit your operations. The catering and cafe accounts program from fekrait Software automates and simplifies various operational tasks, such as taking orders, managing the table, tracking inventory and scheduling staff. This automation reduces manual errors, accelerates operations and ensures smooth day-to-day operations.

With the easy-to-use dashboard you will also be able to access all your reports in all your locations, detect trends and identify any problems that may arise quickly, you will also be able to make the most informed decisions regarding your restaurant and create a better comprehensive experience for your customers.



The Restaurant Account Management Program simplifies complex tasks, reduces errors, and enhances the overall dining experience for both customers and employees. It is a critical tool for modern restaurants that aims to thrive in a competitive industry while providing exceptional service.


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