Electronic Archiving System

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Electronic archiving system allows to organize, archive, backup and maintain your personal digital files in a variety of media formats

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Electronic Archiving System
Electronic Archiving System
Preserving documents is a key issue for moving to a fully digital business and this will only be done through the electronic archiving system, where archiving is a highly regulated activity paper storage is also very expensive and very stressful For this reason, electronic archiving is a more practical and economical solution, but the electronic archiving system must meet many criteria, and this is what we will recognize in the rest of the article, read on.
Electronic Archiving System

What is electronic archiving? 

Electronic archiving system is a digitally coordinated document and document archiving process, which is why we are also talking about digital archiving, where electronic archiving software allows you to keep the original intangible or digital archives in one place, and away from preservation, it is possible to search, manage the life cycle and remove archives through the same system, electronic archiving system also ensures the safety of electronic archives; No adjustments can be made, and therefore the physical archives are gradually transformed into digital format to simplify management, facilitate research and save money through the best electronic archiving software.

Types of electronic archiving

There are three main types of digital archives:
  • Electronic document archive: Long-term, secure and changeable storage of digital documents that can be retrieved at any time, access is usually managed using file archiving software installed on the company's local network (not cloud-based).
  • Long-term electronic archive: This type is used to store documents after the minimum legal retention period ends, and as a legal safeguard measure, many companies hold these documents for at least ten years through the electronic archiving system.
  • Audit-proof electronic archive: This type of archive enjoys sound and secure storage of commercial and tax documents for example (Fikra Electronic Archiving Program). This type of digital archive is designed to comply with legal requirements.

How does the electronic archiving system work? 

The electronic archiving system transfers data that is no longer actively used to a separate storage device for long-term retention data ", the archive data consist of old data that remain important to the institution or must be retained for future reference or for reasons of regulatory compliance, Data archives are indexed via an effective electronic archiving software with search capabilities, so that files can be located and retrieved.

Benefits of the electronic archiving system 

The electronic archiving system offers a critical document management function, which can save costs, improve system performance and prevent the company from getting into serious legal problems, in addition to the following benefits:

1. Quick Access and Document Retrieval

The electronic archiving system allows you to scan and save your vital documents according to customized standards such as name, date, indexing or customized file and folder system, this level of organization accelerates the location and access of documents, which are scanned with high accuracy and organized according to your preferences.

2. Better Monitoring Department

Electronic archiving system broadcasts new life in monitoring all documents In this case, access becomes more limited, and authorization regulations are imposed at a time, In addition, each document is encrypted before it is stored in the computer system to increase security and prevent unauthorized access, Another important advantage offered by the Electronic Archiving and Document Management Program is that administrative supervision and audits become more organized.

3. Cost savings

Cost saving is also one of the best benefits of the electronic archiving system as it can save organizations money by reducing the need for storage space, as well as the costs associated with managing paper records, perhaps the biggest cost savings come from not having to print documents, as document printing can be expensive, especially if you need to print in color.

4. Increased productivity

Storing and archiving email data on servers undoubtedly reduces performance and speed When deletion is not an option because regulatory compliance requires long retention periods, The electronic archiving system is the solution, because it allows organizations to safely store messages on an off-site or cloud server, Moreover, unloading servers from additional data to manage allows your employees to operate more quickly and increases the speed with which everyone can access their emails and stored messages, thereby contributing to reduced storage load and increased productivity.

Steps to Organize Electronic Archives

Before you know how to sort and archive documents, you must carry out the task of doing so, starting from creating a plan and determining the time available for you to organize. Below we invite you to follow these steps when adopting the electronic archiving system efficiently:

Setting goals

Ask yourself why and for what purpose the electronic archiving system, will it be for internal use only, or will it give access to customers and external collaborators, do you want to store only a historical archive, or will you create new documents? Depending on your answers, you should explore different alternatives.

Checking existing documents

Perform a thorough audit of the documents in your archive, identify important documents to keep, disposable documents, and documents that require special processing due to legal or regulatory authorizations.

Digitize your documents

The appropriate electronic archiving system facilitates the process of digitizing your documents: the software is connected to a workstation or a scanner on the network and starts the scanning process, digital documents such as emails are picked up automatically.

Determination of document classification

Formulate a document classification or electronic archiving system that classifies your documents based on their content and relevance, the document management and electronic archiving software on a well-structured classification simplifies the entire organization process, making it more easy.

Use and maintain your digital archive

After your archive is ready for use, each employee is given a permit to search and access documents they have permission to use, you can also digitize work processes such as processing invoices received through the outgoing and incoming software, so that you skip the paper stage and the documents are automatically copied to the correct folder in your digital archive.


The electronic archiving system is very important to protect your documents, through which your documents are securely stored in a form that cannot be changed without a clear record of any changes made, this ensures that your document storage is fully compliant with all legal requirements.

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