Fekrait Electronic Archiving Program

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Fekrait Electronic Archiving Software Digital Solution Enables to Save and Organize Documents and Digital Data for Long Term Storage

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Fekrait Electronic Archiving Program
Fekrait Electronic Archiving Program
Data protection and avoidance of computer attacks on them, which are often inadequately protected, A practical obligation for corporate security, where hackers encrypt your data after breaking into your system, By email for example, in this case and to protect yourself, It is preferable to use a secure electronic archiving software for all your information, so that you keep it intact from any potential cyberattacks, And you won't find better than the Fekrait e-archiving software approved by Fekrait Software, what are the advantages of this software?, Read on to find out the answer.
Fekrait Electronic Archiving Program

Electronic Archiving Concept 

Electronic archiving generally consists of electronic and long-term storage of documents and data. This practice, which any archiving program must provide, is based on four main principles: Respecting the original nature of the original document, its reliability, ensuring its integrity and use over time, and by protecting digital assets from loss and degradation, digital archiving systems ensure its access and retrieval in the future. Thus, e-archives include preserved, structured and accessible digital materials.
An e-archiving fekrait program, which in turn consists of a set of actions aimed at identifying, collecting, classifying, preserving and communicating, and returning electronic documents for the period necessary to meet legal obligations or information needs or for financial purposes. An e-archiving idea program provides the trust necessary so that activities and digital relationships between organizations and individuals can be based on reliable and durable "documented information" provided by the program.

Types of electronic archiving 

Electronic archiving can be classified based on its purpose and content. Some of the common types of digital archives run by the Fekrait Software Archiving program are:
  • Institutional archives: government agencies and companies maintain digital archives to preserve historical records, research data and administrative documents.
  • Web Archives: These archives capture web content to keep the Internet evolving and ensure future access to online resources.
  • Media Archives: Broadcast and media companies maintain digital archives to store audio, video and multimedia content.

Function Fekrait Software for Electronic Archiving 

An electronic archiving Fekrait Software includes the storage of data in electronic form, and it concerns all kinds of documents: E-mails, paper files, contracts, invoices, plans, health data, etc., As the electronic archiving system also allows access to and modification of information, an e-archiving idea program is more of a working tool than a solution for storing documents and improving processes: electronic signature, managing payroll and invoices, etc.
Fekrait Electronic Archiving software ensures:
  • Data integrity: There must be no change or modification (unless authorized) of the information.
  • Traceability: File archiving should be able to track the origin of documents, even their author for example.
  • Information sustainability: Which means especially preserving it in modern media, because some forms or media can quickly disappear.
  • Access to information: only authorized persons (confidentiality) in a convenient manner, so storage should be safe and equipped with an effective classification and search system.

Features of Fekrait Electronic Archiving Program

Fekrait Electronic Archiving Program has several advantages that make it one of the best archiving programs available and available to everyone who protects his documents and papers:

1. Reduce and improve productivity

Fekrait Electronic Archiving facilitates documentary research and ensures that all employees can be consulted and worked through the correct version of the document. Regardless of the company's website or the location of employees (whether they work on the site or remotely from home), the digital document will be accessed via dedicated EDM software or content management system.
The implementation of the Fekrait e-archiving software solution in the company also leads to a more efficient use of its resources. The use of information management tools to collect and manage documents frees up physical space and reduces expenses. The e-archiving software adoption solution also reduces costs by reducing the need for paper record keeping, resulting in lower costs of paper, printing, file preservation and file storage.

2. Improved security and disaster protection

Most organizations agree that one of the most important benefits of the electronic archiving program they rely on is the creation of a robust security architecture to secure digital documents. This is what is provided by an electronic archiving Fekrait program, where it has the ability to secure and manage content, and therefore companies can control access to their sensitive documents and prevent information from falling into the wrong hands.
Provides the most powerful electronic archiving program (Fekrait electronic archiving program) Users' content management services means to create rules that limit access to specific data of specific individuals or groups within the organization and it is also possible to establish rules for granting access to staff at a specific managerial level, As well as rules for those accessing content, your documents remain secure at all times thanks to comprehensive encryption technology that ensures information security and digital backup that prevents data loss.
Electronic archives also act as backup in case of data loss, whether the loss is caused by device failure, cyberattacks or natural disasters, an e-archiving fekrait program can recover important information and resume operations quickly.

3. Search and Access

Fekrait Electronic Archiving Program provides easy access to information. With just a few clicks, you can retrieve documents or photos that could have taken hours to find in the actual archive. By using metadata and advanced search algorithms, the program provides you with the incoming software that the program includes, provides you to quickly find the information we need.
Fekrait electronic archiving software also allows several users to access and work on files simultaneously, instead of actually sharing documents or photos,
This not only improves efficiency, but also encourages collaboration among team members, regardless of their actual location.

4. Compliance and legal requirements

Compliance and legal requirements for many institutions, play a crucial role in document management, This highlights the role of the electronic archiving and document management program, where these programs are a solution that meets these requirements, In particular, the Fekrait Electronic Archiving Program, which can create digital archives to adhere to specific regulatory standards, Ensuring that important documents are stored and managed in a compatible manner, this not only helps organizations avoid legal problems, but also provides a transparent and auditable record of document history.


Digital transformation can eliminate excess and time-consuming processes involving paper, as many business processes will be simpler and more efficient if you can skip printing paper versions of records and store files directly in a secure digital environment, which is what an Fekrait program provides for electronic archiving.

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