7 ways to maximize user adoption of your document management system

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Document management is a system or process through which electronic documents are stored, managed and tracked

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7 ways to maximize user adoption of your document management system
7 ways to maximize user adoption of your document management system
Document management systems allow a paperless office, automated workflows, Low cost, strong security, and much more, however, the implementation of the document management system also means changes in your business process and technical stack Some people don't want to change and prefer to stick to what they know. and therefore you will need to prepare your team and give them the appropriate tools and training to use and understand the document management system to make it easier for the user to adopt, and for further explanation, read on.
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What is a document management system? 

The term document management system refers to a comprehensive strategy of how a company stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents, through many additional options, functions and capabilities. Many document management systems may go beyond core functions to include document-related workflows.
The document management system provides perfect management of your electronic document life cycle, namely, administrative documents or invoices, where electronic document management is implemented directly within the program. Thanks to the latter, based on the initiative of integrating different functions into one tool, it is possible to simplify access to documents.

Advantages of Document Management System 

The document management system offers different advantages to users, including:
  • Store data on one server accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Archive documents throughout the legal retention period.
  • Track your documents electronically using automated archiving.
  • Secure information so that it can only be accessed by authorized persons.
  • Facilitate the classification of invoices and the preparation of document verification services.
  • Facilitate and improve the tag with customers.
  • Digitization of documents allowing simplification of exchanges with partners.
  • Improve archiving processes while offering safe and reliable storage solutions.
  • Effective management of staff files thereby facilitating the signing of contracts;
  • The document management system helps reduce the company's environmental impact by not using paper.
  • Set documents to correct folders automatically.
  • Digitization of operations which increases the possibility of accelerating document search and facilitating access to information.
  • Thanks to technological solutions and using document management system, significant savings are achieved in buying and maintaining paper
  • The document management system finally facilitates exchanges between actors within the organization or with external stakeholders.

How to improve the functioning of your document management system 

You need to digitize your document operations, carefully and properly select the right tool that best suits your company's goals, so that the document management system tool should provide these solutions:
  • The electronic file management system allows the retention of adjustable archives, this solution is best suited for daily use.
  • An electronic archiving system (SAE) that provides storage, validation and access to final documents.
  • Link the document management system to the so-called electronic safe, which in turn allows records to be stored securely.


7 Ways to Enhance User Adoption of Your Document Management System 

You can have the best document management system set up, but if your team is not ready to use it, the system will be useless and can cause more confusion than before implementation. In this regard, we suggest 7 ways to enhance the user's adoption of the document management system:

1. Users' participation

Develop a change strategy and communication plan with your employees at the center, get users involved from the outset in the management of the document system, this should start before the user test of the system. Where possible, this includes the user's participation in determining the initial specifications of the document management system, you should look to build a positive team, which can become the change agents you need to convince their peers of the benefits of the new system.

2. Coordinate your IT teams

Just like information, it's very easy for business functions to become their own silos, Eliminate barriers between IT and change management teams to reduce friction and meet user requirements to adopt a better document management system while adhering to security, performance and functional requirements For example, IT and change management teams can work together to make sure the document management system interface is already user-friendly.

3. Encourage user accreditation through standardization processes

Once you've identified your strategy, look at standardization, where standardizing processes and developing best practices and standard procedures will help to get people to use your document management system and highlighting this advantage is one of the best ways to encourage the user to adopt the system and link back to culture and strategy, Consolidation of processes can enhance the team's spirit and sense that everyone is working towards common goals.


4. Get the best document management system

Once you have a strong culture, strategy and processes to support technology It's time to look at your document management system, When it comes to options, there is no one size fits all and it is necessary to find a suitable system for your organization, And if you want a document management system that integrates seamlessly with your operations should work for users, and if not, they will not be optimistic about logging in to it every day.


5. Making Technology Necessary 

Telling employees that they are required to use new technology is important, but it is not enough to persuade users to integrate the document management system into important day-to-day operations, for example, instead of guiding your sales team to use a new solution, you can build the process so that opportunities created using this solution are only introduced into the sales conversion path.


6. Leverage data to show impact 

While identifying the advantages of a new solution, take advantage of the data to support this solution, you should be able to show things like the impact of new capabilities, increased efficiency, cost savings, reduced effort and end-user satisfaction, and revitalizing data can help enhance the importance of document management system learning and effort to integrate it into everyday tasks.

7. Start with the end 

When you start a project with a clear vision of your end goal, you are unlikely to go awry or fall prey to common risks, make sure you have clarity about how the document management system works, who will use it, how it will meet business needs, and the framework you will need to put all the pieces in place, engaging end users in the procurement process can help clarify all these questions.


Finally, it is worth noting that a successful document management system, which would encourage the user to adopt it, should allow the search and retrieval of documents easily, using metadata, where all files are marked in a way that can be found through many parameters.

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