Advantages of the corporate asset registration program from fekrait Software

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Advantages of the corporate asset registration program from fekrait Software
Advantages of the corporate asset registration program from fekrait Software
For companies that depend on the outputs of their assets, an effective asset management system is essential and can provide several key benefits. It allows equipment and tools to be located in seconds, helps reduce costs, and speeds up maintenance tasks.
While manual methods may suffice - such as the use of Excel spreadsheets - asset-heavy operations can only truly realize the benefits of asset management with a sophisticated digital tool. such as asset management software.
Fixed asset registration software gives you a clear record of what your company owns and how your assets behave. With our robust, easy-to-use, and transparent fixed asset history, you reduce the chance of a wide range of issues, too.
Advantages of the corporate asset registration program from fekrait Software

Overall, this great fixed asset registration software saves your business time and money by:

  • Improving operations at the asset level
  • Accelerate asset discovery
  • Reduced chance of ghost and zombie origins
  • Reduce lost assets and duplicate assets
  • Help with business decisions

1. Save time and money

Our asset management software features also save you time, helping you to deliver projects on time and under budget. Fixed asset tags unlock bulk actions, such as full audits of the assets where locations are located and the ability to reserve assets in bulk for yourself or your colleagues.
All daily asset tracking operations and adjustments are pulled into the reports page automatically. You can use this to filter and report specific data, such as maintenance information, or you can export it as a pdf or excel file to create your fixed asset record, ready for tax, insurance and accounting purposes.

2. Asset tracking

The Asset Management System is used in fekrait Software, to track fixed assets, manage IT assets, track construction equipment and many more great ways.
Our system is highly scalable and highly customizable, which means you will be able to share the system with your colleagues and reduce the load of asset tracking.

3. A better investment

Our enterprise asset management system helps the maintenance team manage the company's physical assets over the life of the assets through asset tracking. The entire organization can use it to maximize asset performance over asset life cycles, get better return on investment, keep workplaces safe, and improve cost of ownership with better life cycle costs and improved efficiency.

5. Improve customer service

With proper asset management, your entire organization can be managed smoothly. You also have a properly documented process in place for using and supervising the equipment used in your company. This in turn allows you to provide better customer service - and not give them any opportunities to complain. Customer retention and customer acquisition are facilitated through Good asset management.

6. Easily locate assets

When you run a business where you move physical assets often, you need to know where your assets are at a certain point in time so that they can be moved back to where they need to be once a specific employee has finished using them.
Tag tracking using GPS, RFID and other technologies integrated with our asset management system can locate your assets in an instant, helping you know where any of your devices are at a given time.

7. Track all physical assets in real time

Fixed assets can be compared to living organisms, as they enter the system, reproduce, leave and even move throughout the organization. This makes it crucial to keep track of them properly - and this is facilitated by asset management software. With real-time asset management solutions from fekrait Software platform, you can Ensure that your asset records are always up-to-date and error-free.

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