7 ways to maximize user adoption of your document management system

A document management system reduces costs automates tedious manual processes and makes business life easier

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7 ways to maximize user adoption of your document management system
The document management system is a vital tool in the world of business technology and serves as an advanced software solution to automate various document-related tasks activities ", which include effective organization, safety, digitization, marking, the conduct of approval and the completion of tasks, Although most document management systems store data in the cloud But it's more than just cloud storage, in our article for today we'll learn about 7 ways to maximize user adoption of the document management system.
document management system

What is a document management system? 

The document management system is used to capture and organize all types of documents in an electronic form that is easy to find and retrieve when needed paper document, such as the invoice, is first scanned and incorporated into the document management system in electronic format for future retrieval, Then catalogue the document by categories such as section, order number, seller or any other identifiable concept related to your business and unlike traditional filing cabinet folders, the document management system stores documents in electronic format that is accessible to authorized staff and customers.

What is user accreditation? 

User reliance is the process of motivating software users to accept new technology or anything new and satisfy it. Its success begins by identifying sources of resistance to change and creating strategies to penetrate it from the adoption of document management system to facilitate business and achieve success.
Company executives and department managers should find ways to encourage users to experience something new and excite them about transition by demonstrating the value it brings to them, their management and the company as a whole. Finally, the leadership team should implement effective training to facilitate the transition process and ensure that the software solution of adopting a document management system really increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

7 Ways to Maximize User Adoption of Your Document Management System 

User adoption of document management system becomes a challenge because many employees prefer to do things the way they have always followed rather than venturing into the unknown. Here are 7 ways to maximize user adoption of document management system, which may change user's idea:

1. Leadership Team Development

Initially, you need to obtain approval from your organization's executive team in order to adopt a document management system as a digital solution instead of a paper These executives have the power to push the paperless agenda, and when senior management communicates the goals, Everyone is more likely to pay attention and develop an understanding of the goals of the big picture, Just prepare these leaders with the information they need to delve into the commercial benefits that the document management system will bring.

2. Identifying Project Heroes

In order to adopt a successful and effective document management system, you also need to look for a technology-savvy project leader in each department who will advocate for the initiative and share the group's enthusiasm, informing the needs of their management of the project team and addressing users' concerns.
Use their input to make sure you take into account feedback from end-users who often understand more about everyday work than their managers do, and if you involve them in the process repeatedly, they start asking the question, "As soon as we can install it?" They see the vision and they want to see its results.
Make sure the project's expected customers are available for optimal user accreditation of your document management system, whilst you fill in during the livestreaming phase to help users resolve any problems quickly, the first user experience with the solution should be very positive.

3. Plan Delivery

Creating awareness is key to managing effective change, share the project team's vision for paperless office at every opportunity, even those who hesitate or resist moving away from familiar paper processes will show up.
The emphasis on training and talent development assures employees regarding the adoption of your document management system, that the goal is not to reduce the number of employees but to engage them in more meaningful work by giving them valuable time and saving them effort, think about how your organization redefines roles and responsibilities so that end users are motivated to embrace change.

4. Engaging users in workflow design

The powerful digital workflow software of your document management system will include an operations mapping tool that will allow your team to visualize operations during the design phase It is a useful mechanism that builds understanding, consensus and process improvements, and it is important to ensure that the document management system meets the objectives of the leadership team However, do not underestimate the importance of obtaining inputs from end-users who will participate in each workflow.
Employees become more open to using new document management system technology if they are consulted about the design of new processes.

5. Use the testing phase to train IT

Depending on the design of your document management system, deploying the office automation solution may start by creating a testing system early and frequently, the test is often concealed, but it is a great way to avoid surprises that may cause business disruptions at a later date, outstanding problems must be resolved and progress shown at regular review meetings.
Training of IT officials and distinguished users should also be initiated, to simulate how the document management system works when it starts, you should run an operation using samples of documents or files and use this as a training exercise, once these new experts fully understand the solution, they will become internal suppliers to other users, they can also participate in the training of the rest of the staff.

6. Make training relevant to day-to-day tasks

Training time can vary from a few hours for end-users hired for a small number of workflow tasks to a day or two for document management system officials and distinguished users, giving end-users plenty of opportunities to practice what they have learned.

7. Use quick wins to generate momentum

We advise sharing information about high-impact process improvements to build momentum and enthusiasm. Typically, accounts, sales orders, customer service and human resources are good places to start adopting a document management system. This is another opportunity for high-level leadership to show their support and share how successful the project is, and then make plans to celebrate every success.


The document management system brings many competitive advantages to office automation for your company, employees who will use the solution should be an integral part of digitization efforts every step along the way.

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