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Management of accounting offices

Fekra POS provides the best management system for accounting offices through a powerful and easy-to-use professional user interface with full support for the Arabic

Management of cleaning companies

Through the systems of the Fikra program for managing cleaning companies and the smart tools it includes, cleaning companies of various sizes and levels will be able

Managing ceramic stores

Managing ceramic stores has become easier with the most powerful management program in the Arab world. By using the tools and systems of the idea program..

Gym and health club management

Manage your gym and club professionally through the Fekra program, where you can manage and follow up sales and marketing, create files for members to follow up..

Printing and advertising

Fekra program for managing printing, advertising and advertising companies helps you to improve all aspects of management and various procedures in your organization

Shop management

Through the Fekra POS program, you will be able to manage your shop digitally efficiently and easily through a set of tools and applications

Management of car maintenance centers

Get the best management experience for car maintenance centers from the Fikra program, and provide the best service to your center's customers with the highest quali

Library management

The Fekra POS program includes a smart set of applications and tools to provide the best management methods for libraries, through which bookstore owners of all size

Salaries and allowances management

Say goodbye to the traditional and manual methods of financial and accounting management and start with a smart, integrated, and fully automated financial management

The HR system

Everything you need to implement the best HR management within your company in one place to enhance business oversight and increase growth.

compliance and integration

Integration with other systems and software Connectivity and compliance feature Integration with other systems and software and linking with all local platf

staff performance Evaluation

An integrated system and a package of smart tools that make it easy to monitor, track and evaluate employee performance and enhance the development of the level of e

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