Marketing your small business on Facebook just got easier thanks to the latest redesign

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Facebook is one of the best ways to use social media in business

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Marketing your small business on Facebook just got easier thanks to the latest redesign
Marketing your small business on Facebook just got easier thanks to the latest redesign
Every small company can benefit from Facebook's presence. With more than 2.91 billion users per month, Meta - Facebook's new name - gives small businesses many ways to promote their services, increase customer support, increase sales and recognition through their Facebook platform.
Facebook's use of your small business can seem difficult because the platform's rules and algorithms change so much, however, with the right strategies, Facebook is one of the best ways to use social media in business, how? That's what we'll recognize in the sequel to the article, read on.
Marketing your small business on Facebook

The importance of Facebook's small business platform 

One of Facebook's biggest strengths is to allow you to target a particular audience through paid campaigns and ads, the platform retains a large amount of information about its users, which can be useful when targeting ads. In addition, creating a Facebook Business page can be an effective tool for small business marketing, especially with the new design that Facebook has seen.
Yes, Facebook's design has seen a major technical update, and marketers and companies need to adapt to this new community-based design, to make sure they use the new Facebook in the most effective way possible, and as the platform shifts away from the news feed, brands will need to find new ways to reach their target audience.

How to make the most of Facebook's redesign? 

Facebook's new design has gained a range of features that will enhance marketers' efforts for their small businesses, and facilitate their products to reach a broad segment of the community.

Creation of clusters 

To make the most of Facebook's redesign, it requires you to consider creating a brand-focused group that allows your customers to feel more involved in your business, Facebook even offers a range of branded group features that enable companies to create and manage groups under their names.

Desktop Update 

New desktop planning will also transform as well as create a more enjoyable user experience, it will shift its focus to give communities centre stage, this change reflects Facebook's roots as a platform designed to bring people together, and now, the company hopes to make online connectivity easier for users with similar interests.

New tabs 

The "Home" tab is the first summary users see when opening the app, such as the "Feeds" tab, the home page will contain content that the user is already following (posts from friends and family, for example), but the feed will prioritize recommended content from the app's discovery feature.
Facebook's new update features separate tabs that divide public and private spaces, clearly distinguishing between news feed and any groups you are a member of, Facebook also offers new tools to help users discover new groups and communities on the platform.
The redesign also includes a new event tab, as this feature will make it easier for users to find local and regional events that may matter to them, and there will also be a new option to view the map as well as a simpler way to watch public events.

The main image of Facebook 

Content prioritized in the Home tab will include reels and stories and to get your marketing content on the home page so that your brand can reach new consumers, You should take advantage of short video content such as Reels, especially since short videos were among the most effective tactics in social media marketers' campaigns, So the next time you post Reel on Instagram and the app asks you if you want to share it automatically on Facebook, the answer should be yes.

Live Stream 

Another way to access Facebook's "Home" tab is to take advantage of live streaming The survey stated that 69% of marketers live streaming videos as one of the most effective ways in their campaigns especially for small businesses, 72% of participants said livestreaming was generally effective and live streaming opportunities could include questions, answers, webinars and workshops.

Facebook's Feeds tab 

The "Feeds" tab shows content from pages, groups and communities that the user already follows, there is no content from the app discovery feature - however, ads will continue to be displayed in feeds, so investing in Facebook ads can help your brand content appear in the Feeds tab and expand your brand's reach there as well.
The happiness of the audience you already have should be your focus when it comes to abstracts, note that the feeds are divided into different sections - all, favorite, friends, groups and pages, and to stay at the forefront of your audience's concerns, your company should have content in as many sections as possible, especially "all," "favorite" and "groups."

Image Credit 

Marketers should create Facebook groups that suit their audience's interests, a great example of the Facebook group is Instant Pot Community, where the group started through the multi-cooking brand Instant Pot which is a space for Instant Pot users to share recipes, ask questions and discuss their products, the group has more than 3 million users.

Publish regularly 

For your content to the "All" and favorite sections, regularly post attractive content such as short videos, Live streaming, surveys, and cases, by maintaining a consistent flow of high-quality content, Your brand will appear in the All section regularly, if your content is compelling and includes statements urging the user to take action telling users to add your brand page to your favorites, you will have content in this section as well.


Changing Meta in the Facebook feed means marketers will have to edit their social media campaigns on the app, but editing doesn't have to be difficult, take advantage as mentioned above of short videos like Reels, look for live streaming opportunities, invest in ads, and work to strengthen the community - This will maintain the interaction of your audience, whether in the "Home" tab or the "Abstracts" tab.

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